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7 Solitary Laws

Here is a small list of laws that any solitary new to the path of Paganism should aspire to follow, and hopefully help you on you way to becoming a better Pagan:
  • Worship - Know your rituals and their dates, simply because the God and Goddess are deserving of worship and devotion.
  • Bloodshed - Sacrifices of ritual animals, should ONLY be performed by those especially trained to do so (eg a slaughterman), in a manner which is in keeping with one's faith (all of the animal should be used and honoured).
  • Avoidance of Harm - Most important law, Don't cause harm unto others.
  • Use of Magic - Magic should not be used for extensive personal gain, nor to harm another. It is, however, permissible to use magic to prevent others from causing harm.
  • Conduct - You will not boast or threaten others, but treat them with kindness and compassion. You will not gossip about other Pagans, and you will never interfere with the teachings of other Pagans.
  • Keeping the Laws - The Laws must be abided at all times. Never allow it to be broken.
  • Loving the God and Goddess - Remind yourself that you are not alone and remember point no.1.