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Pagan Crafts and Supplies

Many Pagans love to create their own items for use in Rituals, Sabbats and Celebrations and to assist those who wish to do so I have complied this list of resources to assist in just that.


 General Craft



Kitchen Wytche Craft - Cooking

See also our Gift Shop page for Mortar and Pestles, Pagan Cookie Cutters, etc. 



Sabbat Craft

See also our Blog for more information on Sabbats in the Southern Hemisphere 

Sabbat Crafts - Samhain - Pumpkin Carving



Sabbat Crafts - Yule - Decorations



Sabbat Craft - Candlemas - Candle Making



Sabbat Craft - Lammas - Corn Dollies and Straw Craft



Sabbat Craft - Ostara - Egg Decorating



Ritual Craft - Your Own Tools - Robes and Cloaks


Ritual Craft - Your Own Tools - General

Ritual Craft - Your Own Tools - Tarot Cards


Ritual Craft - Your Own Tools - Knife Making

Ritual Craft - Your Own Tools - Paton

Temple Craft - Paper Craft and Seals



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