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Qualifications and Certifications.

Whilst as Pagans, we believe that each and every one of us is a Priest or Priestess of the Goddesses and Gods,  outsiders may refuse to accept a High Priest or Priestess as a teacher and representative of religion without appropriate credentials.

To this end the religious qualifications and certifications of Rev. Lady Rohanna Ravenswing (aka: Kelly-Ann Bray) are hereby displayed.


Universal Life Church - Masters Degree in Religion


Universal Life Church - Doctor of Motivation


Universal Life Church - Minister and Clergy Certification


Universal Life Church - Clergy Certification


 Circleof the Mystic Moon - High Priestess Certification


High Priestess and Ministerial Oath (renewed annually)

Circle of the Mystic Moon - 3rd Degree Initiation


 Circle of the Mystic Moon - Mistress of Fire Certification


Free Pagan Church of Australia - Ist Degree Initiation


CoWA - Outer Court (Seeker) Certification


CoWA - Wiccaning Certificate


CoWA - Seeker and Student Registration



Notes: Some of the Organisations listed above may no longer be operational , however all Qualifications and Certifications were valid at the time of presentation.

The name 'Willow d'wisp' was the 'magickal name' (alias) used by Lady Rohanna prior to the development of Terra Sphere Coven and Lady Rohanna being elected into the role as High Priestess within that organisation.

Some Certification is missing or too damaged to be readable due to mismanagement by a certain moving company during relocation.