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Elements - Spirit

  • Matter: Energy
  • State: Active
  • Gender: Receptive Feminine/Masculine Union (Creation)
  • Direction: Center
  • Time: All (Infinity)
  • Season: All
  • Festival/s: Birth & Funeral Rites
  • Colours: Rainbows
  • Symbols: All of the Elements united together (Spirit) are represented by the "Star of David"
  • Tools: Drum, Athame (in some Traditions), Cauldron,
  • Zodiac: 13th Zodiac (Orphedious)
  • Animals: Totem & Power Animals
  • Places: Sacred Places
  • Ceremonial Name: Akasha
  • Elemental Beings: Deity, Spirit Beings of al forms, non-corporeal beings, 
  • Elemental Ruler: Maenu
  • Angelic Beings: Angel of the Golden Chalice. (union), Angel of Sacred Blood (Feminine), Angel of Holy Breath (Masculine)
  • Arch Angel: 
  • Grigori: 
  • Watcher: Sirius
  • Rules: Union, Marriages, Handfastings, Betrothals, Namings