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Water :
Matter: Pristine
State: Active
Gender: Feminine
Direction: West
Time: Sunset
Sense: Taste
Season: Autumn
Festival/s: Midwinter, Imbolc
Colours: Blue, Indigo, Green, Grey, Turquoise,
Symbols: Water is a blue inverted triangle.
Tools: Cauldron, Chalice
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces,
Animals: Dolphins, Whales, Fish, Seals, Sea Serpents,
Places: Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Marshes, Pools, Rain drenched Land,
Ceremonial Name: Aqua
Elemental Name: Selkies Elemental Beings: Mermaids, Mermen, Undines,
Elemental Ruler: Nixa
North American Indian ‘Great Spirit”: Coyote.
Goddesses: Yemajya, Boann, Naiads, Ran,
Gods: Poseiden, Neptune, Njord,
Angelic Being: Angel of Moonlight reflected on Snow.
Arch Angel: Gabriel
Grigori: Meana
Watcher: Antares
Dealing with love, friendships, Meditation, Healing, Dreams, Childbirth, Clairvoyance, Purification, Emotions, Feelings, Intuition, The Sub-conscious, Mystery, Fertility.

Water, like Fire, is a formative Element. The action of Water upon the other Elements is more passive than active, though you would never say so if you witnessed a river jumping its banks in its  rage to the sea. Water always seeks the lowest ground first, then rises higher filling every space.
Water can exist in three states; as a gas, as a solid and as a liquid. It is indestructable. Over time, dripping Water will wear a hole through solid rock. It symbolizes the soul, eternal and indestructable, though a current of electricity passed through Water will separate the Hydrogen and Ogygen gasses which comprise it. Upon ignition of the hydrogen in the presence of oxygen, it returns to Water again. Water is associated with the emotional realm, the dream world or astral, and the psychic realm of intuition and clairvoyance.  

Water Energy is useful and easy to work with. It can be easily obtained, whether from a rain puddle or a Water faucet. The Energy drawn from the Element is, similar to Air, not as physically destructive as Earth or Fire.

This Energy is strongest during a storm, when the ocean is churning, charging the Energy. But despite this powerful physical display, Water Energy is most valuable for reflection and psychic  powers. Water Energy can be drawn and used for dreaming, prophecy, and divination. These are its most valuable uses, but it may also be used for cleansing the Spirit.

Water and Astrology

In the Zodiac, Water takes its expression in three forms, the first of which is the Cardinal sign Cancer. Cancer is said to be the most complex sign in the Zodiac. It is associated with mother, and its ruler is the Moon. The crab and the ocean of life from which it came is the domain of Cancer, vast and mysterious, even today. Cancer is as familiar with its inner landscape of feelings and  emotions as the crab is with his shell. Acutely aware of the emotional states of others, Cancer is highly sensitive and will never approach something head-on, but rather by weaving side to side, approaching it indirectly instead. This is partly due to some residue of indecision left over from Gemini, but it also has a lot to do with the moodiness inherent to such a thorough, inner self-understanding. When Cancers are moody, they can be very "crabby." When hurt, they can hide in their shell and disappear to nurse their wound. Yet they are the first to lend a listening ear to the problems of others, with sincere and empathetic understanding. They nurture as only a mother would do, forever fretting that there is enough to feed everyone and nobody goes hungry. Cancer rules the stomach, giving it a very primal importance to us, central physically in the body and vitally important, often so much so that mental and psychological stressors can afflict it with ulcers. Ergo the expression "gut reaction."

The second of the Water signs is the Fixed sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules matters relating to the mysteries of life; sex, death, and re-birth. Scorpio's form of Water is the river, the most active and dynamic expression of Water, changing course unpredictably in its quest for the sea. Scorpions also live in dried-up river beds! Transformation, metamorphosis and regeneration are the keynotes of this profoundly intense sign. Three symbols of Scorpio exist, namely the Snake, the Scorpion and the Eagle. These three represent three levels of evolutionary development of the soul. In the lower forms of expression, Scorpio often involves the criminal Element, the underworld, drugs, cults, and  an extreme neediness and desire which never seems to be sated. In the intermediate expression, it    also governs mutual or shared resources, and money put in the care of others. In its highest expression, the Eagle Scorpio rises to meet the challenge of his own transformation, leading by setting an example to others through his own life. Helen Keller and Mahatma Ghandi, both Scorpio rising, are excellent examples of how this kind of use of power can affect large groups of  people and, in Ghandi's case, changed the course of history. From the ashes of the British India arose the reborn independent India, but not without its share of problems, and for this Ghandi paid with his life. No matter, he broke the chain of reincarnation with the great work he did for others. Scorpio is very loyal, and will fight ferociously to protect its family and home. As a Fixed sign, Scorpio can be seen as emotionally stubborn in nature. Naturally investigative, Scorpio will dig to get to the bottom of something if he believes it will help in the completion of a goal.

Lastly, Pisces is the third and final Mutable Water sign of the Zodiac. Pisces' symbol are two fishes connected to each other. These two fishes, along with the 5 loaves of Virgo, were enough to feed a certain multitude once. The messiah of the current age of Pisces, Jesus Christ, taught that the law was love. Pisces expresses the Water of the pond, still on the surface, though turbulent underneath. The decay of all things which fall into the pond, and the gradual filtering to the bottom, represent the disintegration found at the end of the Zodiac. Unselfish service to others, without expecting any compensation, is the trademark of Pisces' ability for divine love and compassion. The Water of Pisces represents the Water of understanding God. Highly artistic and deeply sensitive, anyone with a strong Pisces influence is probably psychic or at the least highly intuitive. Pisces often suffer great pain in this world as well. The creativity and imagination of Pisces are legendary. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces seems to follow its own music, enchanted by it. However, the resulting fog can make the act of seeing clearly quite difficult

Calling the Quarters for West:

Example 1.
"Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the West, thou deep-dwelling undines and swift-flowing naiads, loving dolphin and hidden eel, Zephyrus master of the Western wind, be with us in feeling and in vision, in the evening tide's mystery and the upwelling autumn dreams. I do summon, stir and call you up- Come! Be welcome in this our Rite.  Blessed be".

Example 2.
"Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the West, your time the the grey and shadowed twilight, the crimson and gold harvesting time of Autumn, aid us with the courage to dare to work the Magick. I do summon, stir, and call you up to join with us this night!"

Water Spell.

To Bring Rain.

Sey upon rocks an iron pot, kindle beneath it a fire hot,
Fill it half with water new, then add to these to build the brew,
An unbound rope,
A bar of soap,
 A drop of oil,
A pinch of soil,
A buckthorn sprig,
A maple twig,
A broken bag,
A tattered rag,
A spoon full of salt,
A rusted bolt,
When these break to a boiling froth, brabdish a hammer over the broth,
Strike it thrice on the vessels side, Calling these words to the weathers wise,
Hither cloud, and loose thy flood, Wither drought, let rain come out,
Sprinkle the potion over the grass, that which you ask shall come to pass.


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