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Germanic/Nordic Pantheon

Germanic/Nordic Pantheon.

Germanic Paganism, like most Pagan belief systems, is polytheistic, revolving around the veneration of various deities. Some deities were worshipped widely across the Germanic lands, often under different names. Other deities were simply local to a specific locality, and are mentioned in both Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic texts, in the latter of which they are described as being "the land spirits that live in this land"


  • Aegir - God of the sea, the wind and waves.
  • Annar -Another name for Odin.
  • Aurgelmir -The primal god.
  • Balder / Baldur -Solar god who was the son of Odin and Frigg.
  • Bragi -God of poetry, wit and cunning, he was the son of Odin and Frigg.
  • Balder / Baldur -Solar god who was the son of Odin and Frigg.
  • Bragi -God of poetry, wit and cunning, he was the son of Odin and Frigg.
  • Freyr -The Lord, a sun god associated with bravery and wealth.Grim -Another name for Odin.
  •  Heimdall -The watcher god, guardian of the rainbow bridge. He was born of nine waves.
  • Hermod -The messenger of the gods. He was Odin's son and is associated with bravery and honour.
  • Hodur / Hothr -The god of winter who became blind, he was the son of Odin and Frigg.
  • Loki -The trickster God, he is associated with all things deceitful. His scheming led to the death of Balder, and eventualy to Ragnarock.
  •  Njord -The god of the sea, winds and fire.
  •  Odin -Chief god of the Nordic pantheon, he was pictures bearded with one eye. Two ravens sat on his each shoulder, and he clutched a magic spear. He is associated with magic, knowledge and thought.
  • Thor -God of lightning and thunder, he is depicted as a bearded barrel chested strong man, with wild red hair. He carries a magic hammer called Mjolnir.
  • Tyr -God of war and defence, he lost a hand to Fenris the wolf.
  • Vali -Odins son depicted with a bow and arrow.
  •  Vanir - God of fertility and magic.
  • Volund (Weyland/Weland/Wieland) -God of the smiths, shapeshifter, Prince of the fairies, associated with horses, metalworking, healing, magic.
  • Ygg -The terrible one, another name for Odin.
  • Ymir -The primal giant from whose slain body the world was created. He was the grandfather of Odin.


  • Angrboda -The mother of Fenris the wolf and Hela the goddess of hell.
  • Audhumla -The mother goddess, she nourished Ymir the primal giant.
  • Freyja / Freya -The goddess of fertility and creation, she is the leader of the Valkyries.
  • Frigg -Odins wife and consort, the queen of heaven. She is associated with knowledge, cunning, love and magic.
  • Gulliveig -Goddess of magic, healing and sorcery.
  • Hela -Goddess of death and the underworld, she appears as a beautiful woman with the lower half of a rotting corpse.
  • Holda / Holde -The dark goddess of winter and the moon, she also led a wild hunt with 24 hounds.
  • Hylemoder - Goddess of the Elder tree.
  • Iduna / Idunn -Goddess of renewal and eternal youth, she was the keeper of the apples of youth.
  • Mimir -The guardian of the well of knowledge, associated with lakes and pools.
  • Mordgud -Goddess who guards the bridge to the underworld.
  • Nanna -The consort of Balder, she is a goddess of the moon.
  • Norns -The three fates, the root of the Weird sisters.
  • Ran -A sea goddess associated with the darker side of the sea.
  • Sif -Consort of Thor the thunder god, she was an earth goddess associated with the harvest.
  • Skadi -Goddess of winter.
  • Skuld -One of the three norns or fates.
  • Urd -One of the three norns or fates.
  • Valkyries -The choosers of the slain, women who direct the course of battles.
  • Verdandi - One of the three norns or fates.