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Hail to the Watchtowers

Hail to the Watchtowers


Hail to the East, where the warm winds blow,

where ideas and creations form and flow,

I ask for your aid within this place,

As I welcome you to my sacred space!


Hail to the South, to the sacred fire,

Realm of passion, willpower and desire,

Bring your bright flame and grace this sphere,

Power of Fire, I welcome you here!


Hail to the West, with your cleansing rain,

Wash away sorrow, anger and pain,

Bring gentle healing, and hear my plea

Powers of Water, a welcome to thee!


Hail to the North, where mountains rise,

Where green grows the land under brilliant blue skies,

Realm of stability, strength to persevere,

Powers of Earth, I welcome you here



Terra Sphere BOS

by Lady Rohanna Ravenswing


(Please note: this Quarter Call is specifically designed for Our Coven which is situated in South West Western Australia. To use this call yourself you will need to adapt the call for your own specific area)