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Make Cleaning Fun

The kitchen witch finds joy and meaning in even the most mundane of chores, because she sees them as a way of honouring the home, and in turn, the goddess. She is also adept turning them into inspiring, fun activities. Why not try:

  • Creating a magical apron or enchanted crown to clean in
  • Playing inspiring, motivational music to boost your mood while you clean
  • Adding essential oils to your cleaning water, to create beautiful and mood-boosting scents throughout your home
  • Making your tools and utensils more meaningful by attaching ribbons, stickers or gems, carving or painting special symbols on them, or anointing them with essential oils.

Household Chores to Magickal Events

Broom Magick - Sweeping Out the Old

What better way to sweep out old ideas or unpleasant situations, than with the simple act of sweeping out dirt with a broom?

Think of the things you wish to be rid of in the coming year, from draining relationships to negative thought patterns. Visualise people, situations or concepts being swept out of your life as you sweep.

Be innovative with your cleaning. Create a magic circle or magical symbols with dust, before sweeping or polishing it away to be given up to the goddess to manifest.Clean and Cleanse: Give the house a spiritual clean as well as a physical one. Conduct a house blessing with smudge sticks, singing bowls and chanting, to clear stagnant energy. Draw magical symbols in the air and create a circle of protection around the home to keep it from harm.

You can apply this to numerous household rituals, such as clearing clutter from the home. Let go of any negative associations, feelings or situations that have attached themselves to the object, or the person who gave it to you.

Windows - Attract New Opportunities

To experience opportunities, you have to let them in. Throw open the windows to let the fresh air of spring breathe new life into the home, dispersing stagnant energy. Visualise your dreams flying in on the currents of the breeze. Bake fresh food from scratch to symbolise the birth of new ideas, and grow plants to symbolise their growth.

List your desires for the coming year. Take a ribbon for each one and weave them together to represent the coming together of those dreams. Hang them in a window, attaching a bell, windchime, or sun catching crystal, so that you are constantly reminded of your desires and can visualise them drifting in abundantly.

Creating magick in your home is as simple as turning everyday cleaning rituals into magical rituals! Just by adding a magickal element while using the tools of your home (which are already deeply connected to both you and your home), you can create powerful magick.

Chanting: Chant a spell or goddess song while you work, to invoke the goddess and focus on a goal or desire
Mirrors: Divine with mirrors as you clean them,
Toilet Banishing: banishing spell as you flush the toilet after cleaning!

As you can see, with a little dedication, imagination, and a touch of Magick,  what was youperceived as everyday drudgery can be transformed into magickal experience and when these magickal experiences combine, you find yourself living a Magickal Life!

Magickal Cooking

We can  turn ordinary ingredients into fabulous meals using wooden spoons and spatulas as our wands. We perform simple alchemy by changing base ingredients into glorious meals.

All good cooks know they are magicians in the kitchen, but for Pagans this daily task is as important as casting spells in the sacred circle.

Food sustains and nourishes our physical temple, plays an important part in our social lives, and does so much more than simply comfort us when we are feeling unhappy or tired.

When we create our foods, we can slap together a meals or we can take the time to make it a sacred and magickal task. When we feed someone else (or even just ourselves) we are giving them sacred gifts, the fruits provided by our Mother Earth, the gifts of sacrifice of our Mother's creatures, the time and effort of our preparations, the love that creates each dish, all of these things already make cooking a sacred event, but we can add further magickal elements into our preparation and creation of our foods.

To begin making magick in the kitchen means following some basic steps, of course your own traditions may give you directions for this, this is being presented as a guideline for those to whom this is a new process.

  • Consider the foods you purchase, Do you wish to be serving up eggs that contain the sadness and misery of caged hens or would you prefer to serve up the freedom and joy of a hen allowed to have free range of a farm? Do you want to drink coffee that has come from a farm, where the workers are paid tuppance, or would you prefer to serve up free trade coffee which ensures the worker have been treated with respect and paid a fair wage? Think about what causes (positive or negative) you are adding to when you buy your goods - where possible; buy organic foods that decrease the chemicals going into both your body and the body of our Mother and from a farmer's market where they are fresh, still carrying the energies of Mother Nature and where you are supporting your local community. Buy ethical meats, preferably free range, chemical free, ethically slaughtered meats (if you choose to eat meat at all), With products that are imported try to ensure you purchase only products that are produced in a manner that honours the local community from which it is harvested, and of course buy foods that are frsh, not produced packaged foods wherever possible.
  • Before beginning to prepare even the simplest of meals take a short time to clear any negativity from your own mind and body, (you do not wish to put the bad energy from the office into your food), and from the surrounding area.
  • Wash your hands and visualise any bad energy flowing with the water and down the drain (along with any dirt and germs).
  • Take a few deep breaths and ground and centre yourself.
  • Gather your ingredients, before you create a meal consider the ingredients you are putting together, what are the magickal properties of each ingredient, how will these ingredients blend together and what magickal energy will the resulting food contain. You may choose to adapt your meals to create a more harmoinious combination.
  • Before beginning any preparation spend a few moments acknowledging the origins of the food in front of you. Preparing food should reflect it's sacred nature – treating each ingredient with respect, considering it's origins, and thanking the animals and plants from which it was obtained. You should also thank those who have brought it to you to prepare, the farmers, the harvesters, the process workers,  the warhouse operators, the store and even the person who did the shopping, all for their individual parts in bringing it to your preparation bench. Taking time to honour each of these elements ensures that any negative energy associated with the food is banished, and that the preparation is done with all the honour and care in which it is due.
  • Send positive and healthy energy into the food and the utensils which you will use to prepare it.
  • If you are preparing food for a special occasion or to create a specific outcome you may wish to ask spirits to aid you in this task.
  • Stir your food in the direction for which you energies are intending it to be empowered with, stir widdershin to banish, undo, remove and deosil to empower, add, and bless your foods. This will of course depend on your intent.
  • Say a food blessing at the table once the meal has been served.