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Manipulative Love Magick.

So What is Manipulative Magick? I am referring to any spell working where the object of said working is:

  • not aware it is being done,
  • Is not aware of the consequences and/or outcomes
  • or have not consented to such a working.

Upon asking yourself the following two questions, you can effectively analyze the reasons behind your intention of performing the working:

   1. What is my intent in performing this work?
   2. Is this spell or ritual influenced by anger; hatred; lust; greed; jealousy or envy.

If your answer to question number 1 is found within question number 2, then what you are intending to perform is Black Magick, also known as Manipulative Magick

Likewise, if question 1 is answered by question 2 and you continue, youmust be willing to accept any and ALL consequences of your actions. There is no leeway here, If you perform manipulative magick there WILL be a cost to yourself, the rpice of manipulative magick can be very high and there is no teling how it will affect your life.

A Wiccan or White Light Worker, will not use manipulative magick to influence another for their own personal interests. The whole purpose of following those path is to live in harmony and balance with the natural rhythms of life, not to manipulate them to suit a selfish goal.

Practitioners who perform manipulative magick for their own gains are followers of the Dark Path since manipulative (Black) magick for personal gain falls within that realm...

Practitioners who peform manipulative magick FOR another (ensuring that their client is FULLY aware of the possible consequences) but not for their own personal gain may be classed as followers of the Shadow (Grey) Path, but they must be aware they walk a very fine line between the two.

Practitioners of the Dark paths must remember that once they choose to create and release this energy as a thought form, it will acquire life, form and substance. It will run it's course, and the final outcome through the laws of cause and effect may not be what they wanted. The potential for great harm to both themselves and others is clearly evident in such a working.

Let's look at a potential outcome of such a working for a moment...

You create a Love Spell, focus your energy and release it toward your victim. I use the word victim because that is what you have just made this person if they are unaware of your work and have not given their consent.

Through the laws of magick, your victim begins to fall hopelessly in love with you or the person you performed this spell for. So much so that they become increasingly dependent as time passes. They can no longer function without your presence and guidance. You cannot get a moments peace because they constantly have to be with you. You can no longer function at work because they are calling every ten minutes. They become increasingly jealous, possessive and suspicious because they cannot have all of your time. The list of undesirable effects could go on and on and can become more than a little frightening.

Ultimately, you must ask yourself the following questions. "Would *you* want someone doing this to you, and if you truly cared for someone, how could you risk doing something like this to them?"

I caution you that non consentual Love Magic is a double edged sword and borders on the manipulation of another human being against their *Free Will.* It is also dangerously close to Psychic Rape and is considered highly unethical by many who practice the Craft.

Having said this, There are times where the use of manipulative magick MAY be considered appropriate by very experienced practitioners. A highly experienced practitioner can place in-built saftey mechanisms into a spell to ward off some of the negative implications of manipulative magick - this is often the case with Shadow Workers who choose to perform manipulative magick for others. However this is very complex and subject to both the skill and integrety of the worker.

So is there ever a reason to use the make-him/her-love-me type of spell?

The most  rock solid argument in favour of using manipulative love spells is the  following:

Whenever someone falls in love with someone else, they do everything within their power to impress them. They dress nicer, are  more  attentive, witty,  and  charming. And  at the  same  time, they unconsciously set in motion some very  powerful psychic forces. If  you've ever walked into a room where someone has a crush on you, you know what I mean.  You can  FEEL it.  

Advocates of  this way of thinking feel that a  love spell only takes the energies already present and simply channels them more effectively. The energy would be there just the same, whether or not you use a spell to focus and direct it.  

No one should attempt to decide if this is right for you. People must arrive at their own set of ethics through their own considerations and accept the consequences of their own deeds and actions. 

However, It is important to be aware of all the tales about love spells gone awry - some may be over emphasised but many are accurate depictions of love magick gone wrong. I often refer people to the movie "The Craft" and the disasterous results of the love magick performed there, (where the girl is nearly raped by the victim of her love magick attempts) I can hear you saying, ah but thats just a movie, sure, but it is also an accurate portrayal of what MAY happen if a love spell goes bad.

There is often a reason why relationships don't work, and although manipulative love magick can bring a couple back together, it doesn't fix the problems that caused the break up to begin with. Now relationships take two people both working towards a cooperative goal of making it work, so unless the caster is responsible for the whole mess (and rarely is it just one person who causes a relationship to fail) and works to fix the issues in the relationship BEFORE casting the spell (such as seeking counselling, anger management, or whatever the problem may have been), then even though the magick may bring them back together, the relationship is doomed to fail before they have begun anew.

Another consideration is, if a love spell  has been created and cast to join two people who are  not naturally compatible, then the caster must keep pumping energy into the spell in order for the magick to continue to be effective. When the caster finally finally tires of this  (and they will, because magick is hard  work!) then  the spell  will unravel  amidst an emotional, psychic and sometimes physical hurricane that will make the stormiest relationship look like a calm lake by comparison. Not an enjoyable experience to endure!

Culture Tradition and Ethics

One mitigating factor in your ethical decisions regarding manipulative love magick, may be the particular tradition of magick you choose to follow.  

For example, Practitioners of Primordial Wytchecraft, Voudoun (Voodoo) and Santeria are much more focused on the wants and needs of day-to-day living than on the abstract ethical considerations often raised by Wiccan practitioners. Many followers of Wicca and the other 'Light' traditions, wouldn't  know how to react when a Santeria priest spills the blood of a chicken during a ritual, or when a Primordial Wytche cuts the wings of a dead bird to create a ritual smudge fan. The ethics and practices of one culture is not always the same or accepted by another.  

Another consideration is how each Culture and Tradition views love and sex.It has often been pointed out that in our predominantly Christian based culture, love and sex are seen in very possessive terms, where the beloved is regarded as one's personal property. If the spell uses this approach, treating a person as an object, jealously attempting to cut off all other relationships, then the ethics  are seriously in doubt. However, if the spell takes a more open approach to love and sex, not attempting to limit a person's other relationships in any way, then it is more defensible.  

As stated before your own ethical considerations must be decided upon by yourself - the practitioner, as you will be the one facing the Goddess at the end of this life and be required to answer for your decisions and actions. You must do what is right for you in the eyes of your Beliefs, Traditions and Gods.