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Mistress/Master of the Elements :

In order to encourage the deeper study of the Elements within Terra Sphere Coven we utilise a system called The Elemental Rings, by which Coveners study to attain each Elemental ring. Upon attaining a ring for a particular Element they are able to use the Title of Mistress/Master of that particular element, for example a female Covener who has attained an Elemental Ring in the Element of Water, is classed as a "Mistress of Water". Any Covener who obtains al of the Elemental Rings is then Classed as a Mistress/Master of Spirit.

Requirements to gain each Elemental Ring:

  1. Research and record relevant information on each Element. - plus bibliography and cover page. (include Magickal information such as relevant tools, colours, crystals, herbs, Goddesses and Gods, as well as mundane information such as what percentage of the Human body is made up of each Element, the chemical equation etc.).
  2. Collect items that have personal significance in relation to each of the Elements, in order to build personal Elemental Shrines.(eg Crystals, pictures, statuettes, etc.)
  3. Create an Elemental piece to be placed in the appropriate Quarter of the Temple - this should be
  4. a handmade piece. (ie. a handmade statuette of clay resembling a gnome for Earth).
  5. Through Meditation and Vision Questing, - Find your own personal Elemental Guardians.  Record your preparation, Rituals/Rites etc., Herbs used etc., Method of uses,  experiences.
  6. Through what you have learned - Write an Elemental Ritual that involves:
  • Collecting all the appropriate requirements (ie Altar Cloth, candles etc - relevant to that Element - also to build your personal Shrine with later),
  • Casting/Closing the Circle by the use of that singular Element (ie. using pure Alcohol to Cleanse the Circle - Fire),
  • Calling on relavant Deities,
  • Summoning your Elemental Guardian and asking for it\rquote s aid and assistance,
  • A Spell that involves that Element, (eg. Air Spell to send a letter to the departed)
  • Raise energy using the Element,
  • Elemental test (ie. snatching Fire Ring, from a metho flame),
  • Raising Elemental Energy to charge the Ring.
  • An Elemental name for your Ring - (To give the Ring upon claiming it)
  • Receiving the Scroll.

Mistress/Master of Fire - Fire Ring

Element - Ignis

Appropriate Stone: Garnet

Worn: Pointer (1st) finger.

Elemental Test to gain Fire Ring: Fire (Ignis Ring) -  ie. Fire Ring must be snatched from the flames of a small cauldron.

(A possible substitute ring for the actual tests may be used - it should be cleansed, consecrated and charged within the Circle by the Coveners)

Personal goals to work towards Fire Ring:

  1. Learn to discover your true will.
  2. Learn to Evaluate, Cleanse, Energise and Heal your Chakras, in Ritualised and Mundane situations.
  3. Show you can channel energy strongly and clearly in both Ritualised and Mundane situations.
  4. Choose a Personal Goal and achieve it
  5. Organise an important project for your Coven and motivate others to help complete it.
  6. Learn the meanings and Magickal uses of the Fire Tools such as the Athame.
  7. Learn the basics of Candle Magicks.
  8. Understand the cycles of the Sun and basic Solar Magick, including how to Draw Down The Sun

Mistress/Master of Earth

Element: Terra

Appropriate Stone: Amber

Worn: Middle (2nd) finger.

Elemental Test to gain Earth Ring: Earth (Terra Ring) - ie. Must be broken from a block of clay.
(A possible substitute ring for the actual tests may be used - it should be cleansed, consecrated and
charged within the Circle by the Coveners

  1. Personal Goals to work towards Earth Ring:
  2. Learn to take care of your physical body, through diet, exercise etc.
  3. Learn skills by which you can earn a livelihood, to support yourself and your family in resonable comfort.
  4. Perform a Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony on your home and protect it with Wards and create a home Altar.
  5. Understand the basics of ecology and learn about the enviroment in which you live, and work to protect it.
  6. Learn basic first aid, simple healing techniques, ie Herbcraft or Crystal Healing.
  7. Discover and work with Animal Totems, Familiars and Nature Spirites.
  8. Learn the meanings and uses of the Earth Tools such as the Pentacle

Mistress/Master of Water

Element: Aqua

Appropriate Stone: Moonstone

Worn: Ring (3rd) finger.

Elemental Test to gain Water Ring: Water (Aqua Ring) - ie. Water Ring must be melted from a block of ice
(A possible substitute ring for the actual tests may be used - it should be cleansed, consecrated and charged within the Circle by the Coveners)

Personal goals to work towards Water Ring:
  1. Learn to take responsability for your emotions and how you express them.
  2. Learn to enhance your empathy and how to respond constructively to others feelings.
  3. Establish and maintain a positive friendly atmosphere with others in your Family and Coven.
  4. Demonstrate that you can work in harmony and cooperation with others, using teamwork and conflict resolution skills.
  5. Learn to use at least two systems of divination skillfully. Do readings for others within your community.
  6. Learn basic counsilling skills and use them with positive results within your community.
  7. Understand the cycles of the Moon and basic Lunar Magick, including how to Draw Down The Moon
  8. Learn the meaning and uses of the Water Tools such as the Chalice and Cauldron.

Mistress/Master of Air

Element: Calleum 

Appropriate Stone: Aventurine

Worn: Pinky (4th) finger.

Elemental Test to gain Air Ring: Air (Calleum Ring) - ie. Ring must be caught from a falling height.
(A possible substitute ring for the actual tests may be used - it should be cleansed, consecrated and
charged within the Circle by the Coveners

Personal goals to work towards Air Ring

  1. Research and present an addition to the literature of Magick and Paganism
  2. Create a work of fictional literature or art related to Paganism and present it to your Coven
  3. Teach at least three different Pagan related subjects to your Coveners.
  4. Memorise a Poem, song, or teaching story and present it at a Coven Gathering.
  5. Demonstrate the use of three breathing techniques useful in Magickal, Ritual or Mundane life.
  6. Learn the meaning and uses of the Air Tools such as the Wand or Staff.
  7. Learn some basics about Incense and Aromatherapy

Mistress/Master of Spirit

Element: Akasha

Appropriate Stone: Amethyst

Worn: Thumb.

Elemental Test to gain Spirit Ring: To recieve the Fifth Spirit Ring  - ie. one ust have recieved all four Elemental Rings and pass the Physical Elements Testing. (ie blind folded, pass through Earth, pass through air, walk through water, then run through Fire sticks, finally pass into the Sacred Space to recieve the Fifth Ring.

Personal goals to work towards Spirit Ring:

  1. Write a paper on the meaning of Karma and how you percieve it.
  2. Spend some time acting within the Coven in a leadership role.
  3. Strengthen and demonstrate at least one psychic skill such as Clairvoyance.
  4. Enhance your relationship with your lower and higher selves.
  5. Develop a special relationship with at least one Goddess and one God aspect, and be able to Invoke them into yourself.
  6. Explain your understanding of your spiritual development, both through this lifetime and over your past lifetimes.
  7. Explain what legacy you intend to leave when you pass from this incarnation.
  8. Learn and practice at least five Magickal techniques that can be performed without the use of Tools.
  9. Earn the unanimous agreement of the Coven Council that you live your life according to the Path or Tradition you have chosen to follow, and that your life in general honors the Goddess and God.

Sources and Resources

(C) Terra Sphere Coven Book of Shadows


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