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Moon Diary

Keeping a Moon Diary.

Keeping a moon diary is an important part of our Coven's Women's Mysteries, each woman keeps a record beginning with the first day of her Moon flow (menses) in conjunction with her diary she also performs a small ritual. This is generally a solitary rite as a woman's moon flow is a very personal experience, and while it may be shared in part with the women of her clan, it's expression and power is unique to her as an individual, the keeping of her moon diary allows a woman to explore her own individual tide - the ebb and flow of her spiritual power.

Moon Diary Ritual.

You will need:
Your normal Altar set-up (If this is your first Ritual then just have a spare white candle)
A large thick bound book (preferably with a red or reddish brown cover - think blood! I prefer leather bound books but that is simply a personal preference)
A pen (you may choose to use red ink, reddish brown ink, I used to use 'dove's blood ink' (no not made from real doves blood is just the colour  - however this is up to you, I tend to use various colours depending upon my mood when I record in it, yet the main colours I tend to reach for when recording in it are reds, oranges and browns - keep this pen with your Diary - only use it to record in your diary, you may choose to use a calligraphy pen, this slows down your writing and makes you more aware of what you are writing).
A large red long burning candle (the longer burning the better)
Rose essential oil
A few drops of your own menstrual blood
Red cloth or red cloth bag (large enough to wrap diary, oil, pen and candle - I use a "Red Mother's Bag" which we each made in a women's mystery meeting within the Coven).


  • Cast a Circle (or create a sacred space in the manner appropriate for your path)
  • Meditate to center yourself in preparation for the rite
  • Light your Altar candles if not lit as part of your casting (if first rite then light white candle)
  • Take up the essential oil, you will now need to add the few drops of your menstrual blood to the vial. (don't be put off by the use of your own menstrual blood - it is not 'unclean', in fact it is quite a quite a pure substance - the pre-placental material, that would be food for the baby should one fall pregnant (all the vitamins and minerals a forming baby needs). However it is important to remember, in this day and age with blood born diseases, it is wise to only work with your own blood, if you choose to work with blood or any bodily fluids at any time! For those who just simply refuse to use blood, saliva may be substituted, this is a purely personal choice.
  • Once you have mixed the blood (or saliva) into the essential oil you may charge it.
  • Basically you want to fill the oil with your intended desire and the energy to fuel it until completion. In this case the energy you are making is Your Inner Power, your essence, your womanhood, your Goddess within. and the energy you are using is that of your primal source, your menses, your moon power, by whatever name you choose to call it - the power of your bleed. You can then use this power and build upon it each month until you have need of releasing it for an intended purpose. (I generally save up my energy until just before the candle it due to burn out then I either use it for myself, a pressing need of someone else or Mother Earth, who always needs some returned to Her.)
  • Once the oil has been mixed with blood and charged it can be used to anoint your candle, you will now charge the candle as you anoint it.  
  • The candle is now lit and communion with the Maiden and Mother Goddesses are sought. You may choose to use this time in any manner of ways, if you partake in coven activities for your women's mysteries then you may wish to participate in story telling, crafting magickal items, meditations, pampering, the activities should focus on feminine power, and enriching each woman who participates soul by the very experience.
  • Before Thanking Deities elementals, ancestors etc Write down your experiences in your New Moon Diary as your first page.
  • Your second page should be a full page description of yourself, where you are at and where you want to be, your hopes and dreams etc. Remember to date, time etc all your entries (see Magickal Record Keeping) to ensure you can cross reference your records..
  • Wrap the candle oil, pen and diary up in the red cloth (or bag).
  • Then thank the Goddesses, Elementals etc and close down your sacred space, releae it or however you feel comfortable dispersing the energy
  • Now from this date on, record a short paragraph (or more if you feel so inclined) recording the date and moon phase etc. All physical sensations (eg headaches, backache, light headed), emotions and/or inclinations (angry, looking for a fight, sad, depressed, happy, relaxed, moody, unsure etc) If you can get a good thermometer you can include taking your temperature (at the same time every day), You can include anything else you feel may be relevant, (such as when you were last intimate).
  • Continue to do this until you have your first day of your next menses, then repeat the process, charge oil, candle, do activity, thank diety etc and record, then record a bit every day....etc and repeat

After some time you will begin to notice patterns forming, such as you are grumpy 3 days before your menses every time for 6 months - then you know you need to be aware of that on that day. You can also cross reference you Magickal Diary or Book of Shadows and see how your moon phases affect your magickal energies.

Menstrual Blood is a very primal and powerful part of a woman's body, it holds within it, a creative force and magickal power of a very high order. By combining a collection of your own menstrual blood and charged oil, over a candle lit each month and re-anointed each time, gathers and builds energy, which it stores, you are able to source this power for your desire.


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