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2011 Australian Census

This site proudly supports the
Australian Census 2011 campaign.

What is Pagandash???

n 2011 there is to be a Census in Australia and we pagans and wytches need to stand up and be counted.

Due to the way the Australian Bureau of Stats counts religious affiliation responses, we pagans end up having our number diluted across a number of categories. This means that every time we are asked the question, "How many of you are there?" We cannot come back with a simple answer.

We can avoid this!

All you need to do is put down your religion as:

Pagan - <insert your chosen path>

Some examples -

Pagan - Druid
Pagan - Wiccan
Pagan - Witch
Pagan - Nature/Earth based
Pagan - Asatru
Pagan - Polytheist
Pagan - Pantheist
Pagan - Dianic
Pagan - Shaman

Why do we need to be counted?

For too long we have been a culture that is hidden, with each branch going their separate but similar ways. With the modern era pounding its relentless message of conformity our natural ways have been left behind, each of us unsure whether others follow the same principle as we do. Why do we need to know?

The simple facts are that there were significant numbers of us who registered our belief structures with the 2001 census -- some 10,052. While this number is significant, in the course of speaking to pagans face-to-face we found there were probably only 1 in 5 who had expressed their beliefs. This leaves a gaping hole in trying to find just how many pagans there are.

If the Bureau of Statistics has our true numbers...

  • we can then be officially recognized as a serious religious choice
  • the government can see that we vote and there are enough of us to make a difference
  • we can apply for our own celebrants, recognized religious leaders and services within our community
  • we can ask for consideration for grants and have your taxes go back into your community
  • Pagan organisations will have credibility when dealing with both businesses and the government to provide the services you need.

I don't want people to know I'm a Pagan.

Many people have mentioned to us that they have concerns that if they mention their religion in the census they will be "outed" to their neighbours and the people they work with. Research has shown that there is strict legislation controlling privacy in any census material. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has carefully monitored processes in place to ensure your anonymity. They have directly assured us that no personal information you supply will be linked to you and that there is no way it can be. All name and address data is removed from the forms prior to them being sent in to the Bureau. There are heavy fines and jail terms for any census collector who breaks any of these laws. More information about the privacy act in relation to the census past and present can be found here. If you have any questions please contact The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

How can you help?

  • Tell your friends!
  • Download a poster
  • Download a flyer
  • Buy a bumper sticker (Coming Soon)
  • Bring it up at your next meet
  • Put a link on your website
  • Give us your ideas about how to get the word out

The Magickal Universe would like to recognise The Pagan Awareness Network and MorganAkasha for their drive, dedication, ideas and graphic works that made the 2006 campaign such a fantastic success, and which are being reused to help make a larger impression on the 2011 census.

For more information on the 2011 Census please refer to the links.....

Source: All Information on this page was provided by The Pagan Awareness Network.