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Paganism for the Family

As Paganism grows and becomes a more established religious choice, many young Pagans have grown up, handfasted and had families. They are choosing to raise those families within the Pagan belief system.

Having been a ten pagan who matured into a High Priestess who became a Pagan Parent and who is now watching as our own children struggle with the joys of parenthood and the difficulties of incorporating an 'alternative' belief into the rasing of children in a 'Christian society' and experiencing being a Pagan Grandparent with our (currently) seven grandchildren, I wanted to ensure this site had a dedicated section for Pagan Families, Pagan Parents and Pagan Children.

Family Paganism Sections

Useful Information:

The Pagan Student.


Meditation for Children

Kids Crafty Activities

Colouring Pages

Family Rites of Passage:

  •  Betrothal/Engagement
  • Handfasting/Marrigage
  • Conception
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Blessing
  • Naming