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Pagan Poetry - I'mWhat?

I'm a What?

A witch, you say? ... Let me tell you why that's perfectly okay!

I'm filled with magic from head to toe ... But things don't just happen when I twitch my nose.

What's that? A warty face and talking toad? ... Come now, that misconception is pretty old.

Let me tell you all about the real me ... Then maybe ... just maybe you will see.

My book of shadows is merely the pages of my mind ... That magic candle burning bright, that's the light I carry inside.

My magic potion, simply put, is the love that I share. .... My broomstick, how I fly - that's my dreams drifting through the air.

The cauldron that holds my brew ... Well that's my soul, I thought you knew!

The brew that bubbles deep inside ... You see that's my spirit, I cannot hide.

So call me a witch if that's what you want to do ... Ill send you some love, for that's the kind of magic that I do!

Many Blessings ... Raventalker