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These are listings of some of the various Pantheons often associated with Pagan practices.

We have tried to include a short description about each Deity where possible.


Celtic Pantheons

Hellenic Pantheon

Mesopotamian Pantheon

Egyptain Pantheon

Germanic/Nordic Pantheon

Slavic Pantheon

Mayan Pantheon

Roman Pantheon

"People of the Book" Pantheon *



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How do I choose a Pantheon to work with?

Choosing a Pantheon is much like 'Choosing a Patron Deity', you tend to be called to it rather than randomly choose whatever takes your fancy. I have so often seen 'newbies' make the mistake of saying to themselves........well I think the Egyptian pantheon is cool so Ill work with that...........only to later find out they have been chosen by a Mayan Deity and that all along they were drawn to pyramids, but of a completely different sort.

So how can you work out what your Patheon may be....well obviously the Pantheon you work with will most often be the same one from which your Patron/matron Deity/ies originate, so if your able to work out who your Patron is you will ofen be lead to your Pantheon. However this is not always the case, as a Patron Deity may not wish to make themselves know until the practitioner has shown themselves to be serious about following the old ways - which requires you to be performing rituals, devotional or some other form of practice....

So what other things can you do to work towards the goal of finding your pantheon?

Well you can begin by reading and researching the various Pantheons that have existed - even if they are not YOUR pantheon you may well end up portforming a rite with another Pagan who does have this as their pantheon and even if you dont, it is always good to have some knowledge about how other pantheons fit together.

Write down the following list of questions in your BOS or Grimoire and answer them for yourself...

  • Do you naturally gravitate towards the pantheon of your Ancestors?, What is that pantheon, How much do you know about it?
  • Are Deities local to where you were born or raised part of your attraction? What is it about them that calls to you?
  • What other aspects of religion or history attract you? What Deities are associated with those events, places or people?
  • What experiences have you had that calls you towards a particular Pantheon or Deity? What happened and what did you learn from the event?
  • Have you had any experiences, insights or events which may lead you to believe a particular Deity or Pantheon was working in your life?
  • Do any particular manner of Devotion or Ritual call you (for example are you heavily drawn to fire rituals - then there is a good chance your assication may be leading you to a Deity which has fire as a major element in their devotions)
  • What other questions or areas of research can YOU come up with?

Once you have answered these questions (plus any others you may think may assist you to find your Pantheon) you will have a better idea of how to pursue your search.

Then read and research everthing you can about the various world Pantheons and remember - keep a note pad handy!

Ask yourself what aspects of these different Deities you read about call to you (such as Diana's independance, or Mars' attraction to battle, Loki's enjoyment in pranks). The information may not relate to them in particular, but that Deity may share certain aspects with your Patron or your Pantheon or be related in some manner to your Pantheon.

Are all your experiences leading you to a specific, time, place or culture - the Celts? to Egypt or to Africa? Lean your research into the particular area that appears to draw you - but be warned it may be way off the mark.  However by narrowing your research, it will allow you to gain a better perspective on each culture's religion and how it was practiced and if it is relevant to your mode of operation, in regards to magick and ritual. If it isnt then you know your off the mark and can move onto another area.

It may take some time, but your Patron Deity and Pantheon will make themselves known to you sooner or later, however the more interest you show in discovering this for yourself the greater the likelihood it will be sooner.... 


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