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Seventeen Practical Laws of the Craft

  • Never practice a magickal application that you do not completely understand (it is dangerous to yourself and those around you, and often can not be reversed).
  • Do not set an unreasonable price on your magickal work for others (some would say no price but we live in a commercial world whereby we need money to survive).
  • Never use your magickal skills to show off (magick is not a game and is dangerous if 'played with').
  • Magickal bindings may be foolish, attempt to banish negative energy first (a binding if not done correctly will aslo bind the spell caster to the spell!).
  • Know that thoughts are things, and what you create in thought will manifest in reality (you create your own reality through your thoughts, so guard them well).
  • Never lie to yourself, for this is the ultimate epitome of deceit (to thine own self be true!).
  • Injuries, accidents, sickness, and/or poverty most often manifest as a result of low self-esteem, and negative programming, not from bad mojo or bad magick (fix the mundane first, then and only then use magick).
  • The practitioner's power grows in direct relation to his or her level of wisdom. Therefore, if someone else threatens you with magick, know that they are without wisdom and their power will only come from your fear (no experienced practitioner wishes to become involved in psychic warfare).
  • Practitioners should in no way use their personal powers or honed abilities for malefic (negative) purposes, unless they are attacked or need justice formulated from the Universe for defense in the manner most suitable to the attack. It is their responsibility to defend themselves and others (and doing so should only be IF one understand and accepts the payment required for such actions).
  • Always do the best you can, to the best of your abilities at that time - which does not mean you must fulfill the role of 'Super Witch'. (be yourself and be proud of your acomplishments - but accept that you are still human)
  • As long as you are working in accordance with a positive belief system, do not worry about what other people are saying about you or your religious path. Know that they are just afraid of the unknown and they are without the complete understanding of what your religion is all about (be aware there will always be someone who will knock your choice of Path. Be proud to be Pagan and do not let another sway you from your chosen path).
  • Do not loan your Book of Shadows to anyone. Other people who are genuinely interested in the Pagan/Wiccan religion may read it and copy your information under your direct supervision and guidance, however, your Book of Shadows is sacred to you and must NEVER leave your sight (a hard lesson learned for me with that one - a certain Covener - you know who you are - stole my Book of Shadows - which was spiritually and psychically if they want the crap to stop happeneing to them they will return it!)
  • Property that is owned by Wiccans should be guarded as both mundanely and spiritually (see also above!).
  • Do nothing that will endanger anyone inside or outside of the Pagan/Wiccan Path (such as tell someone outside of a Coven real names of Coveners), or which will bring them into conflict with the Laws of the Land, or any of our persecutors. In this regard, it is NEVER permissible, in any dispute involving the Craft, to invoke any laws other than those of the Craft, nor may any tribunals be held other than the one consisting of a High Priest, a High Priestess, and/or the Elders. (What happens within Paganism should stay within the Pagan Community - however this does not include any activity which contravenes the law of the land (eg assult or rape) in which case it is the responsability of every Pagan to ensure such instances are reported to the police)
  • Although magick can be considered a science, its use should be viewed as sacred, because magick represents the greatest gift given to us by Spirit. When first learning, one should work all magicks and rituals within the confines of a magick circle, since the beginning student may not understand the nature of the force they are working with (this of course id dependant upon the Path and Tradition one has chosen as not all Paths use the Magick Circle).
  • A High Priest or Priestess does not sleep with their students!, (unless your student is your husband, wife, or life partner prior to beginning training). A Pagan will never use sexual extortion on a students for magickal information or self gain (beware of anyone claiming to be a Pagan who claims you are required to have sex with them to be initated - we know there is a person claiming to be a HP in our area who is doing exactly this - he is being dealt with: see law number 14).
  • Practitioners may teach others about the Pagan/Wiccan religion as long as the place is safe, the student is willing and shows a great potential for magickal practice, the teacher is knowledgeable, and the information being used is available to the public and is not secret to the organization to which he/she belongs (it is considered to be totally innapprpraite to share a Coven's Book of Shadows with non-initated members unless you are the author of the particular piece you are sharing. Permission MUST be sought from the High Priest/ess or Elders to share Coven information with outsiders)

Sources and Resources

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