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Healing Ritual for Survivors of Rape or other personal Violation

Sexual assault and rape are particularly intimate crimes, and, automatically, whether or not s/he has been taught to do so, the victim assumes responsibility for it. Even when her overmind understands that it was in no way hir fault, the undermind keeps screaming that there must have been some way to avoid it, and the lack of avoidance means s/he caused it. STDs or pregnancy can then take on the character of "just punishment" for the "crime" of "causing herself to be raped." This can impede the body's immune / recovery system from dealing properly with the situation.

Here is an outline especially for a ritual for a Pagan to deal with the psychosomatic (mind influencing body) portions of the healing.

Note: You may wish to get a friend to help you. If so, make it one who is NOT currently inflicting guilt upon you and with whom you currently feel comfortable being naked.

Clean your entire living space.

Get rid of anything which is old-and-no- longer-useful, anything which is downright trash,and anything which belongs to someone else.

Do the dishes. Vacuum and/or mop the floors. Do all the laundry, including what you're currently wearing. (If you have to go out to do the laundry, borrow something to wear for the meanwhile, then give it back.)

Put on a bathrobe to do the next few bits, or, if comfortable, do them naked.

Be sure that your doors and windows are locked and curtains drawn.

Scrub the bathtub. Dust the furniture and your knicknacks. Cleanse your altar.

Now, draw a ritual circle around your entire living space. Give it the firmness of a shield.

Purify your living space with incense, salt water, and fire (or whatever you choose to use instead of incense.)

Set new candles on your altar, and light them. (If you have a cat or a dog, you may want to carry the candles into your bathroom.)

Run yourself a purification bath. Make sure you have salt in it; lavendar or lemon is also good additions. (If necessary for your comfort, shower first.) Soak in the tub, repeating, "AS my home, so my body. As my body, so my soul. As my soul, so my body. As my body, so my home. (This is to echo the cleanliness and the purification completely through to the cellular level, including the mental level).

When you are ready, dry yourself, and go to your altar. Invoke Diana, Artemis, Rhiannon, (any Virgin Goddess - please note virgin does NOT mean unsexual but rather whole within oneself) or if you prefer your Patron Goddess.

Ask the Lady to remove from you any bits of your attacker which still may be lingering in your body, your mind, or your soul.

Inform Her that you release all guilt from your heart for the situation, and ask Her to insure that this is so.

Tell Her that you want to be like Her: a virgin, belonging only to yourself, with no parts owned by anyone else. (This has nothing to do with giving up sexuality, but only to do with possession. However, if you are into S&M, where possession has a value, alter this portion.)

Ask Her to return to you all portions of your soul currently in anyone else's possession, and to return to the owners all portions of anyone else's soul or body currently in your possession. (this is similar to a cord cutting ceremony)

Meditate for a while, and feel these things occurring.

When you feel quite whole, repeat this chant, or one of similar purpose and intensity.

"My body's become my own again.
My heart has become my own again.
My soul has become my own again.
My health has become my own again"

Several times: if you can, become euphoric with it. Dance and/or sing it. Pull up energy from the Earth while you do so, and let it rush through you, pushing out any last little bits that are not actually YOU.

When you feel that it is time, "lock" the energy into your body as an internal shield, and ground the rest of it back into the Earth.

Drink some bottled spring water [or fresh rain water, if you're that fortunate], and eat some cantalope or similar fruit which needs peeling.

Ask the Goddess to stand by you over the next several days,

finally dismiss your quarters, but bind the circle into a standing shield, to keep out of your house anything which you do not specifically invite there.

Alter its nature at the door[s] so that you alone may pass through without pausing.

So mote it be. May your healing be complete and swift.