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The womb and the sacred path that leads to it, the vagina and it's locked door the hymen are the living church of womanhood. It is as much a sacred place of worship as any temple, church, cathedral, druidic grove or sacred circle. It is where the creation of life occurs, the most sacred of acts, the renewal of life.

Every Man who enters this place should do so as an invited guest "with my Body I thee worship". The Great Mother has her sacred temple of life, inside each and every woman, and each woman is the High Priestess of that temple.

Man enters woman's temple and makes a sacrifice of his own substance to the Goddess within, then leaves Blessed and renewed by the Great Goddess and Her High Priestess. He has given and he has received - he has communed!

When we partake of the Cakes and Ale ceremony, we are taking part in a symbolic enactment of this rite, the Great Mystery. This is what makes the common place act, of young girls easily giving away their virginity in today's society - a sacrilege, this is one reason why so many women feel let down and disappointed by their first sexual encounter.

Worse still is rape, an act of defilement, that unfortunately too many women in our society have had to 'come to terms with'. Rape however is more than a physical assault, it is the spiritual defilement of a Sacred Space and lays upon the perpetrator an enormous Karmic debt.

If someone broke into any sacred place of worship and defiled the sacredness of that space, he would be charged with a very serious crime, the elders of that community would immediately cleanse and re-consecrate that space.

But a woman defiled and her sacredness stolen, is often treated as the criminal and forced to endure, humiliating medical procedures, hours of police interrogation, have her purity and lifestyle put under the microscope, let alone the guilt and shame she is often forced to carry.

For a man to defile a woman in such a manner, is as if he has defiled the most sacred place of worship, this makes him worse than the lowest of beasts, for no animal in nature rapes another.

Rape of sorts happens in homes where women are abused physically, emotionally or spiritually by the men they put trust in. Many women come out of a relationship such as these, feeling as though they have been raped, even though the standard definition of rape has not occurred.

The following Ritual of Re-consecration is designed for all women, for those who never had the blessings of celebrating the wonder of new womanhood, through a First Flowing Ritual, for the young woman who gave away her sacred virginity without understanding it's sacred nature, and without a "Loosing of the Kestos" Ceremony, for those who have suffered at the hands of one who has defiled her Sacredness, for any woman who has been treated at any time in a manner contrary to that expected by the Great Goddess for her Priestesses, it is a ceremony to regain wholeness, faith and sacredness.

The ritual is designed to cleanse, hallow, re-consecrate and anoint the women who participate in it. It can not undo the wrongs committed against us, but it can restore your sacredness and your connection to the Great Mother and to yourself.


The Altar should be covered in a red or white cloth,

  • salt, water mixed in a blessings bowl,
  • a bottle of wine and chalice,
  • 50/50 mix of rain or spring water and wine in a blessing bowl
  • Sacred Blessed Anointing Oil (you may choose a mix or a singular oil).
  • Censer, Charcoal blocks and Handmade Incense (choose herbs and oils that are Sacred the the Great Goddess or are beneficial in healing): If the ritual is for a singular woman then she may choose the incense, however if it is a group ritual then aim for  a simple feminine scent.

Each woman participating will need:

  • two small bowls (one for salt/water and one for water/wine),
  • four white cloths (unused and freshly laundered - cheesecloth cut into squares works fine
  • new underwear and a new robe or comfortable outfit (this should be new, unworn and freshly laundered),


Read re-consecration (above)

High Priestess:
Tonight we have gathered here to participate in the Ritual of Reclaiming. If any wish to withdraw their petition, now is the time to do so.

(Gives women time to change minds and if so, quietly leave circle via a 'cut' doorway)

Cast Ceremonial Circle

(High Priestess approached first woman)

High Priestess:
Is it your desire to be healed and made whole?

It is my will and desire

(High Priestess kneels pours mix into woman's bowl and bathes the woman's feet with wine and water using one cloth, then dries her feet with second cloth and moves onto the next woman - repeats with each woman participating - Maiden moves behind High Priestess and collects cloths and empties woman's bowl into a large bowl for later disposal)

High Priestess: With Water, the sacred liquid of the Great Mother's Womb, and Wine, the symbolic blood she sheds through birth, In the Name of the Ancient Ones, I wipe clean your feet that you may be reborn through   this ritual leaving the past behind.

(moves onto the next woman - repeats with each woman participating then returns wine/water blessing bowl to altar)

(High Priestess takes up incense and lights it. Moving to the first woman she passes the incense smoke over and around the woman)

High Priestess:
With burning herbs, with sweet incense, I call upon the Ancient Ones, To drive away all hurt from thee, With this sacred smoke I hallow thee!

(moves onto the next woman - repeats with each woman participating then returns incense to altar)

High Priestess:
Hallowed are all women

Hallowed are all women

(High Priestess takes up Consecrated salt/water mix. Moving to the first woman she kneels and pours mix into woman's bowl, she then stands and wipes each face with third cloth and sprinkles her body and feet - maiden again moves behind and empties bowl and collects cloths for disposal)

High Priestess:
With Sacred water I cleanse thee, in the name of the Ancient Ones,I wash away the tears, pain and sorrow, With Sacred salt I cleanse thee, In the name of the Ancient Ones, You are made pure and Sacred once more.

(moves onto the next woman - repeats with each woman participating then returns salt/water to altar)

High Priestess: Pure and Sacred are all women

Pure and Sacred are all women

(High Priestess takes up Chalice of wine. Moving to the first woman she anoints her lips with her finger, then holds the chalice up in offering)

High Priestess:
Thou who are ever chaste and virgin, the Mother of all living things, Renew and re-consecrate the Sacred Centre, of this woman, make her pure and chaste, Make her conscious of her womanhood, as something of beauty and holiness, return to her, her image of herself, as child, maiden, mother and wise one

(moves onto the next woman - repeats with each woman participating then returns chalice to altar)

High Priestess:
As above so below, as within so without!

As above so below, as within so without!

(High Priestess Takes anointing Oil and anoints woman's forehead, breasts, womb, palms and soles of feet)

High Priestess:
Made sacred are thy thoughts and dreams, made sacred is the heart within thee, Made sacred is thy womb, thy holy temple, Thy hands shall heal the hurst of others, they feet shall ever walk within the light.

(Each woman comes forth to the altar as they are anointed and is given a sip by the maiden from the chalice of wine, the High Priestess continues to anoint each woman. High Priestess then returns to the Altar, taking the Chalice and drinking from it - High Priestess then turns to face the women)

High Priestess:
All ye who are present here, behold your sisters, renewed in body, soul and heart, never doubt that you are cleansed and made whole and sacred, Walk with pride in your sacredness, your womanhood

High Priestess:
So Mote it be!

So mote it be

Note: This section of the ritual may be left out if the women do not wish it

(Maiden cuts a doorway and leaves to collect High Priest)

(High Priest enters and kneels, head bowed before all the women)

High Priest:
Thou art woman, Thou art sacred, Thou art the Chalice of Life, For what was done to thee by man, I as Man symbolic, ask they forgivness, I offer thee my hand, of man, in love, In friendship and in respect. I honour Thee as Goddess incarnate. Will you as woman betrayed, accept me as your friend?

(each woman has the right to go forth and take his hand or not, as their own healing would have it - if they accept his hand they say)

I accept thee as man symbolic, I forgive thee for thy act.

High Priest:
Let there be peace between us, I offer thee a token of my friendship

(High Priest kisses her hand)

Peace between me and thee

(each woman who wishes to come forth may do so, none will be judged should they not choose to accept forgiveness at this time. High Priestess comes forth and takes High Priest's hand)

High Priestess:
I accept thee as man symbolic, let there be peace between us, I offer thee a token of my friendship (pulls High Priest to his feet and kisses his lips)

High Priestess:
Now depart with peace between me and mine and thee and thine.

(Maiden cuts doorway in Circle and High Priest leaves)

(Ceremonial circle closing)

Women now share food and drink, talk and allow the energies of the ritual to embed into their psyche. High Priestess may wish to give a gift to each woman - these gifts are then brought by the women participating to share with each other- they should be symbolic of joy in being a woman, such as bath salt, perfume, candles etc.

Sources and Resources

(c) 1990 Lady Rohanna Ravenswing - Terra Sphere Coven Women's Mysteries.