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Ritual Steps to Healing From Abuse

Step Zero: Do Nothing/ Go with the Flow / Serenity Medicine

Doing nothing asks us to remove ourselves from the scene of the trauma.

If you can't get out of the hourse and out of town, at least move your bed to another room.

The place for sleeping should be as safe as you can make it. But it is best if it is completely dark and totally silent.

For maximum results, have an electritian put a circuit breaker in the room so you can turn the electricity off before you go to sleep. Be sure there is no electronic equipment, not even a digital clock in your room.

Step One : Collect Information / Experience Wisdom / Story Medicine

Move the trauma by telling the story of the event, Tell the story as many times as you can. Every time you tell the story, feelsome of the anxiety drain away. Some avoid talking about trauma, believing that speaking about it will make it more vivid, more real. Just the opposite happens.

If you don't have a circle of friends that you can tell your story (stories) to, write them down. SIng about them. Draw them. Dance them. In some way - Communicate!

I am often concerned about the healers. Are they telling you their stories? Or are they encouraging you to create stories of personal empowerment? Any event may be told from the point of view of the victim or from the point of view of the victor. You are the victor if you want to be no matter what has happened to you. The best revenge is a joyous life!

Step Two: Engage the Energy / Use Placebos / MInd Medicine

You are made of atoms. All matter is made of atoms. Atoms are mostly space. If the nucleus of an atom is placed in the middle of a football field, the cloud of electrons would be running around the last row of seats in the highest bleacher.

We experience impact when there is trauma. We can choose to experience spaciousness.

This mind medicine can be used to dispel truama memories as old as fifty years. Repeat this image every time there is anxiety or fear.

Do you know anyone who is solid and sensible and does Reiki or other energy work? Visit them your energy may have fractured into several pieces and you may need a "wholing."

Step Three: Nourish and Tonify / Lifestyle Medicine

My primary advice for everybody dealing with anything is DRINK NOURISHING HERBAL  and/or VEGETABLE/FRUIT INFUSIONS.

Note: Consult a herbalist or nutritionist for information on making infusions (there is a lot of information online but be sure to make certain you are not drinking anything which may cause contraindictions with other herbals or medicines you may be taking!!!!).

This seems to me to be entirely missing in the excellent programs you may have set for yourself. Oatstraw will be an important ally for anyone healing from trauma, but also don't neglect nettle! Linden is so soothing as a tea and Red clover loves you and creates safe space, what praise could match the wonder of comforting comfrey leaf!

The first four steps build health. You cannot do them too much. You cannot overdo them.

Note: The last three steps can erode health. It is best to do them only as needed. You can easily overdo them.

Step Four: Stimulate and Sedate / Alternative Medicine / Herbal Medicine

This is where most people start their healing journey, alas. These remedies are most effective when used in acute situations.

Motherwort tincture can relieve anxiety and rapid heartneat. But is best if you make it yourself from the fresh flowering plant. Tinctures made from dried plant material are not so helpful. Carry it and take a drop or two when you feel anxious. But use oatstraw and your nourishing herbal infusions to change the inner tensions created by these events.

Skullcap tincture can help you sleep. But this one is really almost useless unless made from the fresh plant. Again, it will be much much much more effective if you make the tincture yourself.

Instead, you may choose to make a tincture of lemon balm (Melissa) which ought to be green and thriving no matter where you live or what season. Melissa tincture is a wonderful reliever of anxiety and an aid to sleep. Instructions for making tinctures are available online (and I will try eventually to have these posted in the forum)

Use only 100 proof vodka; not 80 proof, not grain alcohol. Gentle, loving, caring lemon balm tea before bed with honey and milk seems so much more what survivors need to lull them to sleep rather than to be bashed on the head, kocked out, with valerian.

Besides valerian may not make you sleep. It may even increase the trauma. As it can distress your spirit.  

Step Five: Use Drugs / Pharmaceutical Medicine

This includes supplements and essential oils.

If you are usianf these in your treatments - consider going drug-free for at least a while.

The nourishing herbal infusions provide more vitamins and minerals than any pill can and they are in a useable form, unlike what is in the pills.

Essential oils can damage the immune system with overuse and will have a detrimental effect on the nervous system.

Treat yourself as though you were environmentally sensitive and do your best to avoid overusing essential oils during your healing process unless as an aromotherapudic scent. (Essential oils are probably contained within your toothpaste, in your skin cream, in your soap, in your shampoo, and in scented candles)

Step Six: Break and Enter / Hi-Tech Medicine

If none of the previous steps of healing brings you to the place you want to be within a time limit you set for yourself (six weeks? three months? a year?) then you may wish to do the one thing that I know will heal you: take a trip. (no NOT a holiday, a healing experience via the use of teaching plants - mind altering substances in which you are taken into a different, psychadelic state)

The wise use of mescaline, psylocibin, or more preferably a 'legal high' -- with a guide and in a healing setting -- will break you open to a deeper level of understanding and a more expanded knowledge of your journey. We understand that these substances are currently illegal, and we know that they are not at all impossible to find, however there are legal varieties of similar substances that can perform much the same outcome for the sensible practioner.

Please Note: we do NOT condone the use of illegal drugs - if you choose to follow the last step please check with your local legislation and be sure the substance you have chosen is both legal and safe. We accept no responsability for anyone taking any mind altering substances that may or may not harm them or cause them to break the laws of the land.

This is a preliminary outline of the steps a person who has suffered from a trauma COULD choose to take.

However the most important thing to remember is You are the Goddess. You are a magnificent being. You are a survivor. Your laughter removes all trauma. You are a Treasure of the universe, there is but one of you, and you are the beloved of the Divine!