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Shrine to Akeso



Siblings: Machaon, Podalirios, Hygieia, Panaceia, Iaso , Telesphoros (Enamerion could be her brother telephotos), Acesis

Counterpart: her male counterpart is named Akesis

Other names: A.K.A : Aceso, Akeso, and the male form Akesis

Pronunciation: Ah-kee-soh  {Ah as in Alter - kee as in monKEY - soh as in SOAP}

What kind of goddesses is she: She is a moon goddess, and a healing goddesse

What she does: She is the goddess of healing, her and her family are different aspects of the medical profession. Akeso is all about personifying the process for the patients who are ill, she assists the patient by not only healing them but also giving a way to start a new lifestyle, she also reminds us that healing takes time and isn’t always going to happen over nite. She also reminds us to focus on the issue and not just getting a quick fix on suppressing the symptom. Healing is all out process she assist in helping the mental, physical, and spiritual part of healing.

How She is helped: Akeso father ASKLEPIOS would be called by the worshiper and her and her family would work together to heal the patient. She also fed the snakes that her father used.

Animals that go along with her: snakes, especially 'Elaphe longissima longissima' which is a harmless yellow snake.
Worshiping her: when worshiping her you worship her whole healing family. In a sculpture she is with her father, sisters Hygeia, Panakeia and Iaso, she also has a alter that she shares with her sisters and Aphrodite and Athena this alter is at Epidauros which is the sanctuary of ASKLEPIOS


Information Compliled by: Ashley Marsteller, Student of TSCO.