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Solitary Training Syllabus

The information presented below is intended as a guide for those of you who are solitaries and have had no Coven or experienced Practitioner to work with. It can be a confusing time, if you're new to the Craft and are seeking some direction in your studies with no one to guide you, this is a basic outline of the sort of training you might be expected to do if you were a member of a real working Coven

Please Note: this information is specific to Terra Sphere Coven. I have tried where possible to include an explaination or reference to materials that may help to guide you. I have materials which I am happy to post either within the Site or in the Forums should the information be requested - I won't "just post it", for a number of reasons....firstly the information can often be found online, by someone who is dedicated enough to their own learning to seek it out, secondly it may be material that is group/coven/tradition specific, thirdly it may be that the information I have is not on disc and requires me to actually sit down and type it up - a time consuming process especiallyasd I am trying to continuously update the site. So should you wish access to my personal material on any subject below please feel free to request it.

Some of the following Material refers to the Terra Sphere Coven Handbook, which I have not posted on site due to it's complexity.

Lastly any information posted on this site is for PERSONAL use only it is never to be forwarded to anyone, or any list without my permission unless otherwise stated.

Terra Sphere Novice Training Syllabus

(please note: the following information is incomplete, the full syllabus is only available to Terra Sphere's Coven Dedicants)

The (Ist Degree Initiate In Training) student who has been Dedicated must achieve satisfactory levels of working knowledge, and be able to demonstrate this working knowledge, in the following in order to aim towards Ist Degree Initiation (some of the following will also be used in the steps towards 2nd Degree):



(Google it: "What is a Pagan?", "Pagan Practices", "Paganism and the Environment", "Daily Devotionals")

1. Walking the walk as well as talking the talk - understanding and living Paganism: How do you incorporate beliefs and practices of Paganism into your life in the modern world?

2. Duty of service to others: What is the role and responsiblity of Pagan belief and practice in relation to our interaction with other members of society?

3. Tread lightly/environmental issues & awareness: What is the role and responsiblity of Pagan belief and practice in relation to our interaction with other species and the Mother Earth?

4. Putting it all into practice: how to live your beliefs to the full

5. Daily "time out": Creating time to shut out the mundane world and connect with The Ancient Ones, Gaia and yourself.

6. But how does magick fit into the modern world:  Applying the principles of magick to your everyday life



(Google it: "What is Initiation?", "Ritual Ettiquite", "Choosing a Coven")

Different aspects/roles within a Circle: Seekers, Dedicants, 1st Degree Initiates, 2nd Degree Initiates, 3rd Degree Initiates, Elders

- Responsibilities/obligations of all members to the other members and to the community in general (including the Public Face of Paganism)

- what have I let myself in for? Awareness of the roles played by each and every group member and the responsibility each will take on as they progress

Ritual ettiquette: Circle ettiquette/behaviour toward other members

- Group dynamics (AKA "How NOT to strangle the guy standing next to you during a ritual" *G*)



(Google it: "Meditiation", "Visualisation", "Theta")

How to focus, visualise, and clear the mind

Various forms of visualisation

Completion of set exercises to demonstrate proficiency

Theory of meditation - why we do it, how it works etc

Theory of visualisation - why, how, etc

# Dedicant must complete a meditation or visualisation designed by the Elders to work on a specific issue, and must submit a written account of this exercise and their reflections on it and interpretations of it.



(Google it: "Pagan Sabbats", "Samhain", "Mabon", "Lammas", "Lughnasadh", "Yule", "Midsummer/Midwinter Soltice", Atumn/Spring Equinox", "Esbats", "Moon Phases and Magick")

 "Rituals" : What is a Ritual? Why do Pagans use Rituals?

- ritual ettiquette

- ritual framework/structure and how to go about writing one

- ritual roles

"Seasonal festivals"

- Names of the Sabbats

- Lore relating to every festival (# MUST be able to relate at least some from memory)

- Appropriate types of workings to perform on each festival

- Northern and Southern Hemisphere working/cycles

- Rituals to celebrate each festival 

- Symbology of all the festivals and in general

# Must be an active participant in all rituals/celebrations and understand the significance of the ritual, the lore, the workings etc etc.

# must be able to cite from memory the basic ritual for that celebration, and the reasons why the tools/items that are used, are used and what is their significance

# Dedicants must also submit a written essay on each of the major festivals including information about all the above points, along with other information to be set out separately by the Elders

* "Esbats"

- Moon phases and celebration thereof - types of workings for certain moon phases

- reasons for working certain things at certain phases

# Must be an active participant in all rituals/celebrations and understand the significance of the ritual, the lore, the workings etc etc.

# must be able to cite from memory a basic ritual outline for that celebration, and the reasons why the tools/items that are used, are used and what is their significance



(Google it: "Circle Casting", "Magickal Protection", Psychic Protection")



why cast a Circle

how to cast a Circle - significance of the elements and the directions (covered in depth elsewhere)

ritual guideline for casting

casting a Circle without toolsopening a Circle - how & why

entering and leaving a Circle

Other forms of psychic protection

- visualisation

- meditation

- magickal/symbolic

- physical (charms/amulets/talismans etc)

Psychic cleansing - how and why

Recognising a psychic attack and locating the source

Repelling psychic attacks - mirror workings etc

# Dedicants will be required to demonstrate the Casting of a Circle (without tools) and their working knowledge of same. They will also be required to pass a written test on psychic protection and demonstrate their knowledge of this subject.



(Google it: 'Alternative Medicine/Therapies", "Energy Healing", "Reiki", "Crystal Healing", "Auras", "Chakras", "Energy Meridians", "Kundalini", "Chi Energy", "Dis-ease", Mind?Body?Spirit Balance")

Proper care and maintenance - basic requirements

- diet

- rest/relaxation

fixing things that go wrong - alternatives to modern medicine

Physical and spiritual/unseen causes of problems with the body

Taking responsibility for the wellbeing of your own body and spirit


- sensing/seeing the Aura

- diagnosing problems with the Aura and how to fix them



(Google it: "Karma", "Threefold Law", Reincarnation", "Past Lives", "Interdimensional", "Metaphysics")

What is it?

Different interpretations of the Unseen World (meditations, inward journeys, discussions, research etc)

Karma - what is it and how it works

Reincarnation/past lives

# Dedicants will be required to participate in several discussions on this subject and to submit a written dissertation on it in great depth.


(Google it: "Elements", Elementals", "Fey", "Tuatha De Dana", "Sidhe", "Salamander", "Gnomes", "Slyphs", "Spirit Guides", "Arch Angels", "Correspondences", "Quarters and Cross Quarters")

(see: "Elemental Rings")

Basic properties of each Element (# must know from memory)

Basic significance of each Direction/Quarter (# from memory)

Elementals & other entities

Introduction to crystals - types, properties, uses & identification

# Dedicants will be required to complete their Elemental Rings throughout their training.


(Google it: "Totems", Spirit Guides", "Familiars", "Power Animals", "Animals Spirits")

Animal Magicks: Introduction to the various forms of animal entities in Magick (power animals, totems, familiars etc) and how to use them


(Google it: "Pantheons", "Ancient Deities", "Pagan God/desses", "Triple Goddess", "Horned Hunter", "Green Man", "Maiden, Mother and Crone", "Mother Goddess", "Gaia", "Luna/Solar Deities")

Who are the Gods and Goddesses?: Know the God/desses You work with

What are the attributes and associations for each of them?

Aspects of the Goddess

Triple Goddesses and the hidden face of the Goddess

Aspects of the God

Major discussions/meditations/reflections on the Gods/Goddesses

# Dedicantswill be required to memorise at least basic lore involving the deities and be able to relate this back from memory, and to complete a test on this subject including some of this lore, names/attributes/associations etc.

# Dedicants will also be required to study deities in other Pantheons briefly and to explore the differences and similarities between their chosen mythology and the myths and legends of other cultures.



(For More information see coven handbook for detailed description of each of the Mistress/Master Areas of Study)

(Further Information is only available via the Coven Handbook - Each Student is required to choose at least one apsect of Paganism/Magickal Practices to specialise in)

EXAMPLE: "Mistress of Herbalism" - basic range of common herbs: scientific names (must be able to quote from memory and provide information about the origin of some of the names)

: medicinal properties (must be able to recall from memory)

: herbal folklore (medieval use of herbs and the old wives tales etc)

: culinary properties and uses of the basic herbs

: basic cultivation & methods thereof

: harvesting of herbs for medicinal/culinary uses (methods, times etc)

: how to dry and store herbs for medicinal/culinary uses, and why

: identification of various herbs (must demonstrate this from memory)

Celtic tree lore and the tree calendar

Herb and tree spirits and how to deal with them

Trees - meditation, magick and other interesting information

Introduction to kitchenwitchery


# When the Dedicant has completed the above requirements to the satisfaction of the Elders and the rest of the group have unanimously agreed that they have achieved this level, and has demonstrated sound working knowledge of all the above points, they are ready to be initiated into the level of 1st Degree.

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Terra Sphere Coven Teraining Materials (c) 2007 Rev. Lady Rohanna Ravenswing