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General Pagan Songs

These are basically any songs that do not fit into the following categories

The Burning Times - The Gaia Choir

Behold - Kathy Mar

The Witch's Ballad - Doreen Valiente

Witch - Lady Isadora

Amazing Grace - adapted by Verna Knapp


Songs of Worship

These are songs that glorify Deity



Sabbats Songs

These are songs written or adapted for the  Sabbat Festivals


Joy to the World - adapted, source unknown

Goddess Bless ye Pagan Folk - adapted, Lady Rohanna Ravenswing

O' come all ye faithful - adapted, source unknown


Children's Songs

Lovely songs to teach to and sing with your children.

Creation Verse - adapted Lady Rohanna Ravenswing

Lullaby and Goodnight - K. Dyer

A New Age Lullaby - source unknown

The Children's Edda -  Bela of Eastmarch, KSCA (Poul Anderson) and Ron Ellik


Fun Songs.

These are simply good fun!

I am the very model of a Modern Esotericist - source unknown



Please Note:  These files are made available with love and the utmost respect for the artists' work and to support of the oral traditions of our Pagan history.

No copyright infringement is intended; you may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.  If you intend to copy this work for your Book of Shadows please keep all credits intact, so future generations will know it's source.

Credits are given where possible, however in some cases the source or author/s are unknown.

If you recognise a piece here without credits or with incorrect credits. Or if your material is here and you wish to have it removed,  please email us and we will correct the details or remove the piece.