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For the Solitary Practitioners out there I have compled this list of occult studies you may find helpful in pursuing on your Path, some of these may have already been mentioned in the TSC Syllabus, or the Solitary Training, however as both of these are TSC specific and therefore related to Primordial Wytchecraft, I have tried in this list to include areas of Metaphysics which may appeal to practitioners of all Pagan Paths.

If there are any further areas of study not included in this list that you think should be listed please email me and I will add them.

The Basics


Self Care and Healing

Pagan History

Study Resources

The Basics

Circle Casting & Magickal Protection.
- Why Cast a Circle?
- Circle Casting Without Tools
- Protections other than Circles - Sigils etc.

Wheel of the Year.
- Sabbats
- Esbats

- Rede?
- Laws
- Ordains

Experiencing the Goddess
- Meditation
- Drawing Down the Moon
- Who are the Goddesses?
- Maiden
- Mother
- Crone
- Warrior Maiden

Experiencing the God
- Meditation
- Drawing down the Sun
- Who are the Gods?
- The Green Man
- The Horned God
- Harvest Gods

The Evidence for Reincarnation.
- Past Life regressions
- Meditations
- Research

- Ritual Etiquette.
- Ritual Design.
- Running & Leading a Ritual


- Teaching
- Counselling.
- Group Dynamics.
- Administration.

Living Paganism
- Daily Devotional
- Service Work
- Living magick

The Individual

Magickal Names.
- Choosing a Ceremonial Name
- What’s in a name?
- Names of Power.

Elements & Elementals
- Deeper study of the Quarters

Tree Lore & Spirits
- The Tree Calender.
- Trees & Magick.
- Meditations
- Contacting Dryads etc.

Animals & Magick
- Totems
- Power Animals
- Familiars
- Animal Magick

Amulets, Talisman & Charms.
- Why and How?
- Making your own

Chants & Incantations.
- The Power of Words
- Designing Chants and Incantations.

- Types of Altars
- Designing and Making an Altar.
- Decorating your Altar
 - Altar or Shrine?

The Magickal Use of Gemstones & Crystals.
- Which Stone is that?
- Uses.
- Magick and Stones

- Simple Drumming.
- Riding the Drum
- Trance & Drumming

Love Spells & Aphrodisiacs.
- Ethics and Magick.
- The use of Love spells
- Love Spells & philters
- Aphrodisiacs
- Sacred Sexuality

Self Care and Healing

Herbal Home Remedies.
- Which Herb is that?
- Simple Home Healing

Chakras & Auric Cleansings.
- Maintenance of the Aura
- Cleansing the Aura
- Sensing the Auric Field
- Manipulating Energies.

Diet & Nutrition.
- Healthy Eating
- To diet or not?
- Natures Bounty
- Kitchen Magicks.

Alternative Healing Choices.
- Types of Alternative Healing
- Self Healing

Planting & maintaining a Herbal Healing Garden.
- Growing Your own remedies.
- How to grow a garden
- How to harvest & store your herbs.

Fasting & Purifications.
- Using herbs to Cleanse.
- Fasting is it safe?
- Fasting for Ritual.

Pagan History

Religion in the Paleolithic.

The Celtic Culture.

The Burning Times.

- The Witchfinder General

Stone Circles & Sacred Sites.

- Europe

- Asia

- The Middle East

- Africa

- The Americas

- Australia and New Zealand

- Global Sites

Robin Hood & The Old Religion.

The Legend & Reality of King Arthur.

The Lost years - Recreation? or Survival?

Other Pagan Religions.

The ‘Notable Pagans’.

Knowing your religious rights.

- Australia

- Canada

- America

- UK

- Africa

- India

- Asia

What do the Conservatives really think?

Further Study Resources

Pagan Publications

- Green Egg

Pagan Book Discussions

Open Pagan Festivals

Pagan Music

The Internet

- Witchvox

- Religious Tolerance

Your Local Library

Other Experienced Pagans