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Survivor and Lover Ritual

This is a two person (survivor and a lover) ritual, involving a purification bath.


  • Bath Salts - These salts should be made by the people involved in the ritual, as follows.
      * 3 Teaspoons Epsom Salts
      * 2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
      * 1 Teaspoon Sea or Rock Salt (NOT table salt)
    Mix these in a non-metal bowl, using non-metal instruments.  Add to this, Lavender and Frankincense, using two drops Lavender for every one Frankincense. Do not use more than four drops of lavender, two drops of Frankincense. Add a drop of red food dye, so the salts turn pink. Consecrate these salts in front of a white and a pink candle for the number of minutes equal to the number of drops of oil you added.  Say a prayer to the Goddess, speaking of the wish to be purified, through the love of your relationship and you love of the Goddess.  (This is very important!! Write this together, say it together, mean it together)
  • White Candle & Pink Candle - to consecrate the bath salts.
    Pink Candles - one or two, these are to light the bathing room.  If you have pink candle shades, use them.
  • Wand - belonging to neither, made of oak, to be buried after ritual is completed. On collecting the wand. First, it need not be oak. That is just a recommendation. Howver what ever you use, it must be from a tree, freely given. This is important!! Always leave something as a gift for the tree (pretty stone, bit of colourful string, pure water).


  1. In the evening, fill the tub with water, and add all the salts. 
  2. Light the candles, and turn out the lights. Bring in only your naked bodies and the wand.
  3. Let the survivor enter the tub, immediately submerge, resurface, and then repeat 3 times
  4. and the lover consecrates and blesses the wand , then steps in to join their beloved.
  5. The survivor stands.
  6. The lover, with the wand, touches his/her beloved on the head, hands, heart, feet, womb/groin.
  7. After each touch the lover should say-  1st touch - "By my love of you, you shall be cleansed."  2nd touches - "By your love of me, you shall be cleansed",   3rd touches - "By our love of the Goddess, and Her loove of us, you shall be cleansed"
  8. Lead your beloved from the water, towel him/her off.
  9. Leave the wand floating in the water. 
  10. Go to bed that night, secure in your love for each other and your love for the Goddess (and her love for you).If the survivor is comfortable the lover should hold them throughout the night - no sexuality in the touch just simply love.....
  11. The next morning, pull the plug and watch the water flow from the tub, carrying the pain, distress and shame from the event with it
  12. then go out and bury the wand near running water.  If no running water is available, bury the wand, and pour pure water over the place it is buried. Survivor says three times- "Through our love of each other, through the love of the Goddess, with this wand buried so is the past, I am cleansed"......