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Etheric Inner Temple Meditation

One of the tasks I ask of my Dedicants is to begin building an inner temple, this is a temple created on the etheric plane via meditation. While this meditation is usually performed alone it can be performed in a group setting in the same manner that follows.

The following meditation will lead you into the building of your own personalised Etheric Temple - for best results record the following and play it back to allow you to focus on the meditation rather than on what you are trying to achieve.

For the meditation (or any meditation for that matter) to be most beneficial it should be performed in a quiet place without disruptions.

All parties should bathe prior to the meditation and if not skyclad then freshly laundered clothes should be worn.

Candles should be white for purity (or purple for spiritual energy) to further promote the appropriate energies signs and sigils may be carved into the candles as appropriate.

Incense chosen should also work towards adding to the positive, relaxed energy.

Ensure everyone is comfortable before beginning, the phone is off the hook (or turned to silent) and if needed place a note on the door requesting that people come back and not knock.

Etheric Temple Meditation

As you relax in a comfortable position, begin to quiet your mind and body, releasing any tension from the day. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of relaxation enter the crown of your head spreading to your face and neck, down your shoulders, chest and back, to your arms and hands. The relaxation continues across your stomach to the muscles of your thighs, calves and finally to your feet and toes.

Feel yourself being grounded.

With your mind’s eye:

See the number 7 and see the color red

See the number 6 and see the color orange

See the number 5 and see the color yellow

See the number 4 and see the color green

See the number 3 and see the color blue

See the number 2 and see the color indigo, like the midnight sky

See the number 1 and see the color violet.

Going deeper: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

You are now at your inner most level where everything you do is correct and for the good of all.

Now open your mind's eye, and see in front of you a set of gate- take note, what do the gates look like? what are they made of?

These gates are the entrance to your piece of 'Etheric land' on which you will build your temple. 

Lean on the gates and push them open, take note of what you see as you open the gates.............see your piece of 'land', how does it appear to you? Is it bushland?, scrub lands? a rainforest jungle? a beach? Again simply take note of the lay of the land.

Walk around the site until you find the area you wish to 'build' your temple.....

You are going to build - almost brick by brick - a temple in your mind.You will need to 'see' it be build from the foundations, the walls going up, the roof going on. 'See' each step as it happens....

Remember this should be YOUR idea of a temple...don't worry about what someone else may have built, or on doing it 'correctly'. This is going to be your internal working space so it must resonate internally for YOU.

Having said that, to be an effective tool, your temple will need a few things -  such as; a healing room, a prayer room, a spell room, and of course any other features you desire...

Once you have built your first temple, take a walk around it, discover what you have built.After some time you are ready to return to the physical world.

It is now time to return from the temple. Gently you are transported back to the gate and back to where your physical body rests awaiting your return.

Begin to feel energy in your toes wiggling them. The energy then moves up your feet to your calves, thighs, your back, chest, hands neck and head.

Slowly coming up, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Open your eyes

Using Your Etheric Temple

You may wish to record in writing what your temple looks like, describe it in detail.....(in fact I would suggest that you do make at least a simple record of what it looks like, as your temple will change grow and develop as you do)

Every time you meditate for the next month or so, rebuild your temple, add more details......what you are doing here is reinforcing in your mind (and on the Etheric plane) the development of your temple.

One you are able to go into the meditative state and go directly to your temple and it appears in your mind's eye as clear and detailed as it would on the physical plane, then you are ready to begin working within it.

Now your temple is fully developed you can begin to use it. You can use the temple for your own internal journeys...for example if you are sick, go into a meditative state and go to your healing room, do whatever feels right for your body to heal (I have a submersion tank where I can lay underwater, and still breathe...I find it relaxing and de-stressing)..

I also have added other devices and tools to aid in spiritual healing, all devised in my mind to connect my mind and spirit to the physical form and convince it to heal....

My healing temple was visited a lot last year and it helped me get through a life threatening illness and high risk surgery....

You can also use your temple when you are performing spell working for people who are not present, connecting to their energy on the etheric plane allows you to work with them in spirit.

Each Wytche uses their inner temple in slightly different ways, depending upon how they developed the temple and on their own personal practices. No matter the manner to which you put your inner temple to use, it is a place where you can find solitude, work through spiritual challenges, perform distance workings, and many other uses.

as you can see we use this space when we cant access our physical altar, or if we want to work more directly with the spirit world.....

Enjoy your spirit journeys to your temple, and don't forget to record your experiences for later reference.

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