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Welcome to The Magickal Universe!

Welcome and Brightest of Blessings!

The Magickal Universe is world of Magick, History, Spells, Charms and Chants - of glorious things both seen and unseen.

We welcome you to explore our world through this website.

The main focus of these pages are:

  • An informational base for Terra Sphere Coven,  Students, Members and Clergy.
  • A resource for those without access to a working group, circle or coven, (from whom they might seek advice/information in the early years of finding and incorporating their path into their life)
  • To educate and share, the beauty, complexity, and antiquity of the Pagan belief systems for the dedicated Practitioner, the interested Seeker, or the simply curious 'Muggle'.

To this end we have provided informational pages on Pagan Traditions, Festivals  and Ethics, for those new to Paganism.

Or have you come seeking information on Spell Crafting, Correspondences, 

Maybe you have come visiting to find a new Chant, Sabbat Song, Invocation or Evocation? Then the Power of the Spoken Word pages are the place for you!


For Coven Members, Students and Regular Guests,  we offer membership to the site. Join the Member's Section to receive up to date information on the site, Make new friends or have a chat in our Forums.

Feel free to browse the Shopping Mall, choose some new reading materials in the Library or take a walk into the unknown with a Psychic Reading.

Visit the Product Index page for a list of our products and services.


The Site is regularly updated, with new materials, additional information and new resources, so come back often, browse the site and see what interesting new things you might experience today..


Rev. Lady Rohanna Ravenswing



~ Indigenous Acknowledgment ~

We acknowledge that this land on which we live, work and spiritually connect with, has traditionally been cared for by Indigenous Australians.

We recognise all that Indigenous Australians have done, still do, and will continue to do as the custodians of this land.

The Magickal Universe and Lady Rohanna Ravenswing honours the People, the Ancestors and Ancient Spirits of this land.


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