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Binding Spell

This spell should be performed during the dark moon if possible.

You will need

  • Poppet (stuffed with 'nasty' herbs and bits such as bent rusty nails etc)
  • Marker
  • Black cord/ribbon
  • Black candle
  • needle to carve into candle
  • oil to charge candle (middle to ends)
  • Incense (the worse smelling the better)
  • Bowl of salt and water
  • Newspaper

Note: this can be done simply with poppet, cord and chant, if your resources are scarce

1.  Cast Circle
2.  Evoke the Elements/Elementals
3.  Evoke the Dark Mother (I call upon the Morrigan as she is my Matron Goddess but any of the Dark Mothers such as Hekate, Kali etc. can be requested to be present)
4.  Using marker write as much detail about the person you wish to bind as you can find name, date of birth, nicknames etc.... (if you can - a bit of their hair stitched to the top will increase effectiveness)
5.  Carve the same information into the candle,
6.  Using the tips of your fingers rub the oil from center to ends, visualizing the person you wish to bind.
7.  Light candle
8.  Light incense
9.  Take up poppet, pass through flame (quickly don't burn it), through the smoke, then sprinkle salt water upon it...
10.  Place the poppet flat on your palms - say "As this poppet is herbs and cloth I now connect it to flesh and blood...this poppet is.....(name of person)..." - The poppet is now a symbolic representation of the person you wish to bind.
11.  Now take up ribbon or cord.......wrap around poppet once and tie a knot saying "knot one the spells begun' be sure to leave a length of the ribbon out to use to tie off at the endNow keep wrapping (careful not to wrap in the extra cord for tying) and repeat the following..(say as often as needed until the almost the whole ribbon is used
I bind thine throat, from the breath of deceit, lest thee fill thy soul with darkness
I bind thine arms to prevent thee striking out against another, lest thee strike a friend
I bind thine legs, preventing thee from stepping out on the wrong path, lest thee wander aimlessly
I bind thine hands, that thee not use them for harm, lest thou causest harm to innocents
I bind thine eyes, that thee be free from visual deception, lest thee seek a mirage
I bind thine tongue, from the utterance of false truths, lest thee speak against the Gods

I bind thee and thine, lest thee do harm to me and mine
I bind thee and thine, lest thee do harm to me and mine
I bind thee and thine, lest thee do harm to me and mine

12.  The tie off another knot and say 'knot two spell be true'
13.  Then the final knot and say 'knot three, as I do will so mote it be!'
14.  Now take the candle and pour the melted wax over the binding......continue until the candle has burnt out (or pinch out candle if your short on time)

15.  Wrap all the remains from the spell (including the poppet in newspaper)

16.  Thank the Goddess
17.  Thank and release the Elements/Elementals
18.  Close the circle.

19.  Take the newspaper wrapped poppet and spell remains and bury them deeplu so they wont be disturbed....

Should the person continue what they were doing their negativity will be brought against them and they will find they are 'punished' the last time I used this the person kept talking crap and got

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