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making Dreams Reality

Do you have a dream that you wished was a reality? I think we all do but many of us settle for accepting that "we can't have it". This is just not true! As wytches we know we can make our desires a reality and yet we too can be guilty of not chasing that dream. Alright you say, but I can't afford it, or It's too far out of reach, or there are too many obstacles in my way....but there is another block that can be in your way and you wont even know it - the simple fact of not really knowing what you dreams are!

For many of us we we are growing up we participate in 'dreaming our future", we all remember the "I want to be a fireman when I grow up", or the "I want to work with animals when I'm big". We remember what it was like to participate in dreaming our future, yet so many of us stop doing that as we get older, why? For each of us there are many reasons this happens, we are told that we are too poor, or not smart enough or not educted enough and we believe this, and so our dreams get put aside and we settle for our 'reality'. It becomes too painful to think about the things we 'wished' we could have and so we stop wishing, stop dreaming, and therefore stop achieving.

Before we go any further If you haven't seen the following video, I want you to watch it.


This guy is proof that no matter how far away your dreams, no matter how many people tell you it can't be done, no matter how many things stand in your way, if you want something you CAN make it a reality....


Ok so now you have an inspiration....what is the next step?

1. Decide what your dreams are - it is very difficult to make your dreams a reality if you have no idea what they are, so make a list of things you want to achieve, a "Bucket List" perhaps...a list of things you wish to achieve in this lifetime....

This is an extract from MY bucket list....

I am happy, healthy, loved, secureI do not take on the burdens and responsabilities of other people but at the same time I assist them to have better lives. 

My children and family are healthy, happy, secure and loved.

I have a good job doing what I love and I get paid well for my services. (I am manifesting this one right now)

I am free of debts except for those I choose such as my home.

I live in a country town on a property with a small river running through it and a large dam. There are fruit trees, and bush land on the property, My husband has space to create his dreams, and I for my pagan festival and camp site (I am manifesting this one right now)

I have a loving husband and good-in-laws.

I have a Pagan Business and I am happy with it

I am an Ordained Minister and can marry people and conduct furnerals (this is still manisfesting)

*I am contented and my life is all I want it to be*

(pink is those I have achieved since writing my bucket list)

2. Get yourself a note book or a scrapbook (depending on how creative you are, one will work better than the other) - now we are going to begin to make your dreams become a reality.

If you choose the notebook method, copy the above list into the back of the notebook for later reference... then pick the dream that is most important to you and on the very first page of your notebook, describe the achievement in as much depth as you can.

This is My description of our dream home....

The house is in country town close enough to Bunbury to come for work, but far enough away to not be affected by the rapid growth in the region (we would prefer Donnybrook) on a property with a small river running through it and a large dam (the dam is surrounded with weeping peppermints and has marron living in it), the land is fertile and lush. There are all sorts of fruiting trees and bushes and a large vegetable patch, there is also a large patch of relatively untouched native bush land on the property.

There is an old house but it is in good stuctural condition, the wiring is safe and the plumbing good. There is a large garden surrounding the house with native trees and bushes which attract wildlife. There is a large lockable 4 bay shed, as well as a couple of smaller animals sheds/stalls. There are a couple of fenced off paddocks to run animals, with the ability to use an electric fence if required.

There is space to creat a couple of sacred sites as well as a riding track and a camping site.

The council will give approval for us to create our dreams of an alternating moto riding camp/pagan camp

We will be able to afford to purchase the property without finanical hardship.

As you can see I have tried to include everything that is important to us but also leave the how  to the universe to sort out....

If you choose the scrapbook method then do exactly the same as above however you can collect pictures and other things to paste into your scrapbook to represent your ideals....

3. Pick your next dream and do the same...continue with each of your dreams until you have included them all in your notebook/scrapbook.

4. Now how you go about achieving these will differ for each of you depending upon what your dreams are and what it will take to manifest them - however you can always begin to set small goals that will lead to the end result.....

The dreams may not always be something you can do immediately, but there is always something you can do to set things in motion such as for me, getting my dream job - Im doing a course that will lead eventually to me having my dream job. For my ordination I am ordained in by an American Church and am now attempting to have that ordination recognised my an Australian Pagan Church and then as a group we will be fighting to have Pagans recognised as a Religious body so we can hold religious marriages and funerals for Pagans. For our dream home, we have been out looking at properties in our desired area......

All these things send energy into the universe saying "I want to achieve this", in the same way magick works by using the "Laws of Attraction" (as above so below) so does simply being intricate and deliberate with your dreams and actions assist in manifesting your reality. By drawing to you the energy you desrie, by focusing on your dreams you are sending clear messages into the universe and the universe will do your bidding.....YOU create your reality!

5.Now of course comes the bit as wytches we are all familar with, spellwork. I hear so often 'we don't do spellwork for self gain", why not? We all have the ability to make our dreams a reality and there is nothing wrong with asking for what you want, as long as you are prepared to do what is required on the material plane AS WELL as on the spiritual/magickal. Why would our loving Goddess deny us our dreams, or the ability to manifest them? This is simply a 'rule' put in place by those who fear that others will say we are selfish....we are! It is in our natures to want good things for ourselves and those we love and our nature was given to us by our Lady! As long as you share your gifts and good fortune with those who do not have the ability toachieve them then why shouldn't you use magick to be happy?

So work your magick, ask for your dreams to become manifest but as always continue to work for those less fortunate than yourself as well.....

6. Lastly you need to be appreciative when you DO achieve a goal towards your dreams, make sure you are publically greatful, tell people you have achieved a dream , thank the Goddess, do a Ritual of thanks, it doesn't matter how you do it but be thankful and continue to dream....

And always share your good fortune with others, if you have excess fruit on your dream farm then share it with those who attend a shelter, or donate jams to a charity boot sale, our good fortune should be shared....and by sharing it we show our love and appreciation of our Lady!

So are YOU achieving YOUR dreams??????

May the universe bring you all that you desire


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