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What is E.S.P?

We have all experienced these strange events, for which we have no explanation

  • You're driving to work and have a song stuck in your mind, you turn on the radio, and that same song is playing.
  • Or perhaps you're at work and are suddenly overcome with a sense of dread. You're compelled to call home, only to learn that a family member has been stricken with an illness,
  • Or for some reason, thoughts about a person you know pop into your head. The phone rings. Amazingly, it's that very person you were thinking of who is calling.

Unexplainable events like these happen to all of us at one time or another.They are collectively referred to as E.S.P (ESP) Extra Sensory Perceptions or Sixth Sense.

Many Pagans believe that these 'senses' are just part of a much larger picture, however, for the purpose of learning more about and developing your own ESP (or 'gifts' as they are sometimes referred to by members of the Pagan Community) we are treating ESP as a subject within itself.

ESP is, according to 'The Association for Research and Enlightenment' ; "the ability to receive or send information not using the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell." Hence, the term, "sixth sense."

ESP generally consists of five categories:

  • Telepathy - mind-to-mind communication
  • Clairvoyance - seeing events or objects through an inner sight
  • Precognition - the ability to view events before they occur
  • Retrocognition - the ability to view past events
  • Psychometry - the ability to learn the history of an object by touching it


What is it?

Extra Sensory Perception, is the ability to pick up thoughts, impressions, hunches and energy patterns, bringing an awareness of more than the eyes can see, the ears can hear, the nose can smell, fingers can feel or the tongue can taste. In some circles it is referred to as a 'sixth sense', or 'gifts' .

Who Possesses ESP?

Everyone. The fact that some have developed this ability to a very high degree has created the impression that only certain people have ESP. Yet we all fit into the category of the sensitive. Everyday in all circumstances we constantly respond to it. This is the most important of all senses for it is the response to life. In animals it functions naturally alongside instinct.

How Does It Work?

Basically, man is a spirit, a soul, which is also known as an electromagnetic energy field.

The soul gives energy to the body. Because humans are constructed of electromagnetic energy, humans create by thought (or energy). Every thought, is like a radio wave being transmitted, available for anyone in the universe to pickup. Just as we transmit, or send out these thought waves, so we receive thought transmissions of other souls. We receive them like a radio and respond to them unconsciously as though they were our own thoughts.

There are men and women rising to great heights of creative leadership because they have "tuned in" to the higher thought perception or creative intelligence of the universe.

Do We All Perceive A Like?

There are basically four ways that we interpret an incoming thought pattern or energy.

  • There is the intuitive person who will pick up a thought and hear it. He is sometimes considered to be "mental" or "intellectual." Understanding is very important to him.
  • There is the visionary who will pick up a thought and see it. Seeing visions, symbols, colors, etc. in the mind's eye transforming the thought into an image. He is sometimes considered to be clairvoyant.
  • There is the prophetic person who receives a thought as a knowing. He quickly grasps the "total" concept or idea and has no interest in breaking it down intellectually. He is usually sensitive to precognition and his hunches, dreams and knowings have much to do not only with the future or the present, but how it effects others.
  • There is the one who picks up a thought and translates it into a feeling. His whole response to life depends upon how it feels to him. His sense of touch is extremely well-developed and he knows people by feeling what they feel.

Each of us lives primarily by one of these personality types and partially by the other three. Those who are often seen as 'psychic' are those highly developed in one area, or masterfully developed in many areas.

Once we understand this, we can begin to understand ourselves and those around us to a greater extent, we can also understand our strengths and develop our weaknesses.

Is E.S.P Religious?

It is neither religious nor non-religious. It is a common experience of all humans, belief or not.

  • In the religion, humanity has talked about prayer and the reality of hearing the answer to prayer. We read of "the still small voice," "the Gods speaking from within," or an inner guidance. This reality can be developed so that from a religious sense human can, through meditation, develop a two-way communication with the Divine or spirit worlds, we also read of visions, prophecies and healings, all of which can be associated with ESP........
  • From the psychological sense we hear this reality referred to as communication or impressions from the "higher self" or "unconscious".....
  • From the medical we hear of psychosomatic influences......
  • From the scientific field we hear reference made to energy transmitted and received......
  • From the layman's point of view we hear of hunches, feeling premonitions and intuitions.....
  • From Industry we hear of creative inspiration......

Yet all of these refer to the same basic reality; every one of these experiences is some form of Extra Sensory Perception!

Developing Latent ESP

There are various exercises, even devices that you can be constructed, and tools that can be utilised, to aid in developing latent psychic abilities.

  • Zener cards - five cards each imprinted with distinctive symbol. Originated by the parapsychology lab at Duke University, Zener cards were developed specifically for telepathic experimentation. ESP is tested by "predicting" which symbol is on a chosen card. (Standard playing cards are also used in a similar fashion)
  • Meditation
  • Yoga (or other forms of meditative exercises such as Tai Chi)
  • Repetitive Training Exercises (see below)

Basic ESP Exercises

Here are some practical ESP exercises:

  • Scanning - "Two people - preferably two who haven't met before - stand about 4 - 6 feet apart from each other, facing each other, eyes closed. Each person then closes their eyes, takes a moment to breathe, relax and ground, then visualizes the other as a ball of light or pure energy. Each looks with their inner eyes into the ball of light and scans the person opposite top to bottom, bottom to top, noticing any words, images, colors, thoughts, sensations in their own body,... anything at all that comes up while they're scanning... After a few moment, when they each come back, they tell each other what they saw, felt, whatever, and describe how what the other experienced might fit in their lives at this time." - The Light Ball Exercise
  • Predicting - "Write three predictions for the next day. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, be sure you're comfortable and feet are firmly planted on the floor. After a few deep breaths, project yourself into the next day. See yourself following through on your plans for tomorrow. Look around you. Notice any colors or sensations. Who is with you? What are they wearing? What are they doing? What are you doing? If nothing seems to come, then listen. Any words? Any song lines start running through your head? How does your body feel? Do you smell anything? What subtle changes do you notice? Is your mood changing? Note everything you sense. Write your 'predictions' based on the information you received." - Sensing and Interpreting
  • Online Tests - Work with the many Work in a quiet room without distractions. Try different tests and work with them repeatedly. Try them at different times of the day. Are you more successful at certain times of the day than others
    • Interactive: Test Your Psychic Ability -  Use your powers of ESP to divine the hidden images! 12 images are hidden on these pages. From the choices provided, see if you can "see" what they are before revealing them. Then check your score for statistical significance. From your Guide.
    • Prove Your Powers of ESP -  Here are 12 chances to prove your psychic ability. "Guess" what the hidden images are and then record your score. Did you improve over last time?
    • Test Your ESP - Do you think you have ESP - extrasensory perception? Here's an all-new test - another chance to prove your powers of psychic clairvoyance.
    • Test Your Sixth Sense - Do you have ESP? Here's your chance to test your psychic powers. 12 images are hidden on these pages. From the choices provided, try to "see" what they are before revealing them. Then check your score for statistical significance.
    • Am I Psychic? - Here is another online test of psychic abilities. In this one you must divine the color that the computer is "thinking" of. The game keeps score, and at the end tells you how psychic you are.
    • Ball-Drop Psychokinesis Test - Here's an online version of a classic test for psychokinesis. See if you can influence -- with the power of your mind -- the direction of the ball as it drops through a series of pegs.
    • Electronic PSI Test - Five blank "cards" are provided. One of them conceals a circle. See if you can predict which one it is. They only shuffle the cards once a week!
    • ESP Cards - Yet another online test using Zener cards. You get five chances to pick the right card, then are given a score.
    • Psychic Test - This site presents several different visual tests you can try to see if you might have some psychic ability. 
    • RetroPsychokinesis Experiments Online - Here are a couple of online experiments to test your powers of psychokinesis. Your browser must support Java for these to work.
    • Sheldrake Online Experiments - Rupert Sheldrake invites you to participate in his ongoing research with several ESP experiments: e-mail precognition, photo telepathy, joint attention, staring, and precognitive text.
    • Your Psychic Pets - Put Them to the Test - Try these three specially designed tests to see if your pet really is psychic. No pets were mutilated or harmed in these experiments.

Exercises to Develop ESP

Rather than add to the numerous pages online which have much more varied information, than I could fit into this page, I am going to direct you to some of the sites I have found which contain some of the exercises we would use in training ESP within the Coven, plus much more information of value on these subjects.

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How to Develop your ESP

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Developing Telekinesis


If you know of any pages offering exercises on developing ESP which should be included on this page please contact us and we will add them. 

Please Note: We are only recommending the exercises on ESP on the page we direct you to,  we hold no responsibility for following any information, activity or exercises, nor do we take any responsibility for content on the site. 

Developing Etheric Vision

The Development of etheric vision is warranted in many cases. Ghost hunters or those who feel they may have some mediumistic talents may feel inclined to develop their visual reference frameworks. Massage therapists and other body workers may feel a desire to take their work to another level, either to augment current practices or develop new ones. Or you may just have a curiosity in such talents.

1. Gathering Awareness and Grounding - This is the simplest of techniques, and is warranted preceding any type of focused effort, or just an exercise in itself. Simply mentally gather or call all your awareness from wherever it may be focused (hearing the traffic outside, going over a conversation you had days ago, thinking about what to make for dinner) and bring it behind your eyes. Actually go through the motions mentally of physically gathering all aspects of yourself and your awareness together – visualize this as an interactive movie or picture. And/or you can even physically use your hands to call all your awareness together – it may look weird, but grab all the pieces in your hands, and cup your hands over your eyes, directing the awareness through your eyelids, through your physical eyes, and release it behind your eyes. Once your awareness is behind your eyes, look out from behind the back of your eyes. Not only is this a great precursor to any type of etheric vision developing or meditative practice, it does wonders when you are just feeling out of sorts, mildly depressed, or “not yourself.” To take this therapeutic effect a step further, envision a vine or flower tied to your ankles and send down its stem through the floor, through the dirt, and affixing itself strongly and securely to the center of the Earth.

2. Looking through the eyelids - This technique takes a bit of focused practice to “get it.” For this exercise, bring your awareness to looking out of each of your eyes in turn, while both remain open. Most of us favor one eye or the other, so this can be somewhat of a frustrating exercise. With both eyes open, simply focus on an object or point out of your left eye for a few seconds, then focus on the same object with your right eye for a few seconds. There’s really no trick to this – you don’t need to squint or anything – you should be able to switch the dominant viewing after a while from one eye to another.

Once you have mastered switching the dominant eye, pick a plain, simple object (a crystal, your other hand, a lit candle, etc.) to use as a meditative device. This object should be about a foot away from your eye, at eye level. Close one eye and cover it with your palm. Now, look at the meditation object using your closed eye as dominant. This takes some practice because it is obviously counter-intuitive, and it is a subtle effect. But you will know when you have mastered it.

There is a sense of seeing the object in a very elusive and non-ordinary way. You will have the strange sensation of seeing through your closed eye. Once this feeling is attained, try to keep your focus in this vision as long as possible. After much practice, and with a sustained attention, visual phenomena such as the auric field may be seen. It may help to position the object so that it is more in line with the eye that is covered. Be sure to practice this technique with both eyes in every session.

3. Practicing Perpheral vision - This may be the most effective, easy technique in development of the etheric sight. It is said that the dynamics involved in peripheral vision are the same involved in etheric vision. This may have to do with using rods vs. cones (components of your eye’s retina). After much practice in developing peripheral vision, you can specifically engage dynamics learned within to facilitate etheric vision. The methods may vary, and will be apparent.

The technique is easy and can be varied in any way that is convenient or challenging. To begin, choose an object or spot directly in front of you for a reference point. Bring your arms straight out to your sides (so your body would form a ‘T’ shape), and begin wiggling your fingers. Keep your vision focused on the chosen reference area in front of you, but direct your attention to finding your fingers. Slowly bring your arms in toward the middle (still outstretched and with wiggling fingers) until you can see both hands.

Some ideas and variations

Use a candle flame for your focal object. Practice keeping your awareness on your wiggling fingers, while maintaining a fixed gaze on the flame. Try to incorporate the two dynamics, this division of averted awareness and focal point. Notice how the candle flame moves and changes, take in the movements and “feeling” without interpretation. “Notice” the flame with pure awareness. After you get the hang of attuning your peripheral vision, you can use this exercise as a meditation tool, without having to outstretch your arms. Simply engage your peripheral vision.

Have a friend stand in your peripheral vision and hold up different objects or fingers. See if you can discern the objects or the number of fingers. Developing skills in peripheral vision doesn’t take very much time, and even within one session you may be able to see improvement.

4. Closed eyes, Open eyes. - This technique involves simply closing your eyes and noticing the patterns of light and other phenomena. There’s a lot going on there. We tend to filter these phenomena out. I don’t mean to imply there is necessarily anything mystical or extraordinary in this; rather, I advocate just incorporating awareness to it. Allowing the fullest spectrum of visual phenomena into our awareness brings a clearer picture of reality, which is all about perception and interpretation anyway.

Lying on a couch or bed with closed eyes, try to stay clear of day dreaming or straying attention, and keep a focus on observation. See the lights, shapes, and colors in the same way you would view a painting in a museum, look out of an airplane window, or view a movie screen in a theater. Alternately, open your eyes, look at the ceiling, and notice any of these same phenomena are still present. Use the ceiling as a backdrop – look in front of it.

Although within this technique, and some of the others, visual phenomena may be induced in itself, these are meant to train the eyes, brain, and everyday cultural filtering mechanisms to see a bit differently, and thereby incorporate etheric vision into a general framework, enhancing and complimenting any given endeavors.

Source:  Richelle Hawks

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