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Elements - Earth

  • Matter: Sturdy
  • State: Passive
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Direction: South
  • Time: Midnight
  • Season: Winter
  • Festival/s: Lughnassadh, Mabon
  • Colours: Black, brown, dark green
  • Symbols: Earth is an inverted triangle with a line through the middle, it is usually green but can also be black.
  • Tools: Pentagram, Stones, Crystals, Gemstones,
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Animals: Bull, stag, bison, mouse
  • Places: Caves, Mountains, Forests, Caverns
  • Ceremonial Name: Terra
  • Elemental Name: Leprechauns.
  • Elemental Beings: Gnomes, Trolls
  • Elemental Ruler: Ghob
  • North American Indian ‘Great Spirits”: Buffalo.
  • Goddesses: Gaia, Danu, Nerthus, Lakshmi, Prithivi, Sheela-na-gig, Cerridwen, Kali, Cybele, Flora,
  • Gods: Adam, Balor, Arawon, Angelic Being: Angels of Sun’s Veiling.
  • Grigori: Taga
  • Watcher: Formalhaught
  • Rules: Spells dealing with fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology, and stability. Growth, prosperity, nature, wealth, abundence, wisdom

The Element of Earth is the medium in which the other three Elements take their form. As a receptive, feminine Element, it can be acted upon by Water, by Fire, and even by Air. Unique in our  solar system, Earth takes the three creative Elements and gives them form, shape, and definition. The complex ingredients of life find a viable balance on this planet.

Earth Energy can be derived from any Earth-based source. This can be stones, sand, crystals, clay, even salt. It is one of the most commonly used Elements of Energy. Earth Fire Energy is strong and cool. It is especially strong where the Earth is uninhabited, for instance, in a desert or in the mountains. Earth Energy is especially valuable in healing Magick. It also represents love, money, and goals. A stone or crystal is often held for strength and protection. The Earth can also be a way to feel closer to our creator. 

Earth and Astrology

Earth takes three forms of expression, the first being Fixed sign Taurus. Taurus is the most Fixed of the Fixed signs. Here is the Earth in spring, when the seed is planted. Taurus represents the fecundity or fertility of the Earth, where the seed represents the potential. The Earth is most receptive at that time of year, after the thaw of Winter's crippling grip, and all life wakes up in a lusty mood to procreate. Taurus involves taking the Earth found in the seed, and building it to substance. For this to happen, Taurus must be persistent, methodical, and determined. Without the seed, there can be no harvest in the fall.

The second Earth expression is Mutable, and occurs in the Fall. Virgo is the Mutable expression of this Element, and represents the objectivity necessary to analyze the harvest and see if it was a good crop or a bad season. Virgo is the more mental of the expressions due to its rulership by Mercury. Furthermore, Virgo is exacting in details, perfectionistic and brutally objective. Humble by nature, Virgos are self-effacing in their view of themselves, only seeing the flaws. The Virgin which is the symbol of Virgo represents one who is not owned by anyone. The hermit is another symbol of Virgo, representing the solitary path followed in the pursuit of spiritual perfection. Virgo relates to matters of health in general. It is a forest in the fall, silent in the early morning dew.

Thirdly, the Cardinal expression of Earth is the sign Capricorn. Here we have the Earth in Winter. As the Cardinal expression of Earth, Capricorn necessitates future-thinking in order to survive a known hardship such as Winter. Capricorn takes from the abundance of the harvest in Virgo and stores it in the "cave" for Winter, a time which he knows is coming and which could make the difference between survival and death. Capricorn is symbolized by the Sea-Goat, an odd creature that looks pretty unlikely on Earth or in the sea. The symbolism here indicates that Capricorn links the highest mountain top to the lowest depth of the ocean, and everything in between, as the entire domain of Earth. Having all the resources of Earth at its disposal, Capricorn takes action on his ambition to rise in the status of society, and climbs his social mountains, using whatever means he can to accomplish the objectives of his ambitions. If those ambitions are for the benefit of others, like Capricorn Martin Luther King, then he will reach his destination, possibly at great cost. If his ambitions are selfish and designed to inflate his own ego, he will fall into disrepute. Capricorn Richard M Nixon is an example of this kind of fall from favor.  Capricorn has a very Machiavellian nature to it; Capricorn is skillful at manipulating everything around him, in pursuit of his ambitions. The temptation to fall into the trap of the material world is the biggest risk Capricorn faces, and is the ultimate test of Earth. Do we rise to the mountain top and have a clearer view on Earth, or stay in the depths of the oceans of despair that can plague this sign                                                     

Calling the Quarters for South:

Example One:
"Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the South, thou Gnomes of the within the Earth and oreads of the mountain forest, bear slow and sure and bull of great strength, and tunneling worms whose work insures life, Boreas master of the South wind and ruler of the winds, here at the dwelling place of the Gods be with us in solid strength and    permanence, giving us sure knowledge of nature's ever-renewed cycles, the safe womb of night and the slow movement of winter. I do summon, stir and call you up, Come! Be welcome here in this our Rite. Blessed be"

Example two.
"Lords and Ladies of the Watchtower of the South, your time the the darknes of the midnight sky, the white stillness of Winter, aid us with the strength to keep silent after we work the Magick. I do summon, stir, and call you up to join with us this night!"

Earth Spell - Blessing for Magickal Jewellery

Burn a Blessing Incense with a pinch of Cinamon inside a Cast Circle.

On the Altar you will need:
A piece of Iron Pyrite, and a piece of scrap metal (ie cast iron or steel).
The Jewellery you wish Blessed (previously cleansed).

Place the Jewellery on the Pantacle, between the Pyrite and the Metal.
Holding your Athame over the Jewellery with the tip just touching the Jewellery.
Visualising the Gnomes of Earth, say this Spell...
Hammers, Hammers, underground,
Hammers sounding in the dark,
Good Gnomes listen to me,
Good Gnomes Harken, Hark!
Make this jewellery Magickal,
Gleam of Silver, Gleam of Gold,
Master Smiths bring aid to me,
That Magick power I may hold.

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