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Living a Magickal Life

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You have studied the pagan paths, chosen the path that is right for you and taken a dedication to study. You may have been doing so for a while, either as a solitary or within a Coven and you may have received your initiation/s. But how do you incorporate Paganism into your day to day living? How do you live a Magickal Life?

There are many things you can do to incorporate your Pagan practices into more of your day to day life. Some of these ideas may require a large ongoing commitment, others are simple things you can enjoy doing every day. Hopefully the following pages will give you some ideas on how to incorporate more of your Pagan practices and beliefs into your mundane life, and allow you to live a truely Magickal Life.

  • Daily Devotionals: Devotional: relating to, expressive of, or used in devotion, especially of a religious nature. Pagans use their devotionals as a way tocreate a closer connection to the Deities, Nature, the Ancestors and Spirit World and learn more about themselves and living a Pagan life. These are some of the Devotionals you can incorporate into your daily life.
  • Bathing Rituals: Through our day to day life, we pick up stresses, energies and thoughts from all around us, a siple shower removes some of thesetraces, a showerwith intention will remove a bit more. There are times however when you just feel "blah" and you really need to remove all traces of energy from yourself in order to feel better. This page covers a range of rituals suitable for day to day life, right through to a complex Pre-Ceremonial Bathing Ritual.
  • The Magickal Household: For almost all of us our daily routine, includes things that are considered by most to be drudgery; housework, cooking a meal, gardening. However as Pagans we adapt these choresinto moments of spirituality, house cleaning into House Clearing and Blessings, preparing food into Kitchen Wytchery and gardening into Connecting with Mother Earth. It is in part simply a process of adapting your mindset, but by including these simple rituals and actions you will also be adding a Magickal element to these tasks.
  • Attending Pagan Festivals: These events are generally run by Covens, Pagan Churches or Larger Pagan Organisations. I have attended a few of these events (I'd love to have attended more but am somewhat resricted by distance where I live) and I will be attending more as I am able to. Having worked for years as a Solitary plus even more years in a Coven and having attended some of these festival, I can say without doubt that it is an experience all Pagans should have at least once.The experience is one of community and for all the differences there seems to be little infighting at any of these events, the partiticpants just enjoy the time and sharing a small moment in time in a Pagan Community - people walk around all day in their Ritual wear, so you get to see gorgeous and sometimes outrageous outfit, but for me the ultimate is participating in the Huge Rituals, the power raised is amazing, the feel of that much energy coursing through your body is astounding and the memory of the feeling stays with you forever.
  • Go Green: As  a nature based religion Pagans see Nature as Divine or connected spiritually to the Divine therefore it is part of our Religious practices that we do what we can to protect our environment. The "Go Green" philisophy is an example of what we can do within our homes, our worplaces and our community to help in a small way to protect Mother Earth. This page will give hint, tips and links to ways in which you can "Go Green", including things such as; 'Recycle, Reuse and Reduce'.
  • Community Commitments: As Priestesses and Priests of the Gods it is part of our Sacred Duties to become involved in our Local Community, Our Country and our Global Community in ways that can assist the whole of humanity to prosper. This page will give you some ideas in how you can become involved.
  • Giving Thanks: In the society we live in, sadly, we are often expected to "get what we can out of it", as if we should aim for a goal, grasp it, then quickly move onto the next. Pagans tend to take a different approach, we take time to decide where we want to go, we seek out that which we desire only if it will be beneficial to us and those around us, and lastly we give thanks and take time to savour that which we have achieved or received. Most of us know how to decide what we want, we know if it will be benefical to us and those around us (though this won't always stop us from seeking something we know to be 'bad' for us), but very few of us have ever been taught how to be truely thankful and to appreciate what we have achieved and received. This page is designed to show you ways in which you can become more thankful and appreciative.

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