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In Rememberance

A Blessing of Remembrance

As we stand within this space, without a time or place; we remember and honour those that have gone before us.

We remember and honour those that have been tortured, maimed or died in the name of Wytchecraft, Wytches or not.

We remember and honour those that lived and made the unwilling world see us for who we truely are.

We remember and honour those who against all odds survived and through their sacrifices have given us the greatest gift, the freedom to be who we are today, to practice our beliefs without fear, to openly say I am a Wytche.

Sadly though, not all of our family are free. Not everyone will look at us with open eyes and open hearts, to allow themselves to accept that which is different. They will not allow our faith, they will not allow us all to have the freedom to be openly who and what we are. Some of us are still forced hide in the shadows.

So we stand stand together as one; past, present and future, as our Sisters and Brothers step carefully into the light. May our unity and strength continue to grow within the world. Others may choose not see us, or to ignore us, but we are here, and with each other's strength we stand tall, we stand proud, for we are Wytches!.

Great Goddess, Mother of the Night, Keeper of our Souls,  we thank and bless thee, for each of us have survived in your keeping and shall continue to flourish in your care.




Adapted by Lady Rohanna

Original source:  Lady Abigail Raven'sgrove Coven

Departed Pagan Pioneers, Founders and Elders.






James Murrell (1780 -12/16/1860)

Old George Pickingill (5/26/1816 - 1909)

Arthur Edward Waite (10/2/1857 - 5/19/1942)

Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth Evans) (12/6/1890 - 1/8/1946)

Aleister Crowley (10/12/1875 - 12/1/1947)

Pamela Colman-Smith (Pixie) (2/16/1878 - 9/18/1951)

Old Dorothy Clutterbuck (1/19/1880 - 1/12/1951)

Jack Whiteside Parsons (10/2/1914 - 6/17/1952)

Lydia Becket (Aradian Temple of Diana; Lawrence Museum of Magic &

) (d. 1952)

Austin Osman Spare (12/30/1886 - 5/15/1956)

Franz Bardon (12/1/1909 - 7/10/1958)

Margaret Alice Murray (7/13/1863 - 11/13/1963)

Gerald Gardner (6/13/1884 - 2/12/1964)

Robert Cochrane/Roy Bowers (1734 Tradition) (1/26/1931 - 7/3/1966)

Norman Lindsay (Australian Pagan Artist) (2/22/1879 - 11/21/1969)

Gleb Evgenievich Botkin (Church of Aphrodite-1930's) (1900 - 12/1969)

Arnold Crowther (10/7/1909 - 5/1/1974)

Edith Woodford-Grimes (Dafo) (12/18/1887 - 1975)

Phillip Peter Ross Nichols (6/28/1902 - 4/30/1975)

Charles Cardell (Rex Nemorensis/The Fish) (1892 - 1977)

W. Holman Keith (Neo-Dianic Faith) (d. late '70s)

Bonnie Sherlock (Delphic Coven, Lander, WY) (d. late '70s)

Rosaleen Miriam Norton (Australia) (10/2/1917 - 12/5/1979)

John Score (8/1914 - 12/30/1979)

Sybil Leek (Diary of a Witch) (2/22/1917 - 10/26/1982)

Monique Campbell Wilson (Olwen) (1923 - 1982)

Gwydion Pendderwen (The Faerie Shaman) (5/21/1946 - 11/9/1982)

George "Pat" Patterson (Georgian Wicca, Bakersfield, CA) (d. 1984)

Lady Gwen Thomson (NECTW) (9/16/1928 - 5/22/1986)

"Grandmaster Eli" (Barney C. Taylor) (Druidic Craft of the Wise)


Alex Sanders (Orrell Alexander Carter) (King of the Alexandrian Witches) (6/6/1926 - 4/30/1988)

Edmund Buczynski (Lord Hermes) (Minoan Brotherhood, NYC) (d. 1989)

Herman Slater (Magickal Childe, NYC) (1935 - 7/9/1992)

William G. Gray (1913 - 1992)

Scott Cunningham (6/27/1956 - 3/28/1993)

Marija Gimbutas (1921 - 2/2/1994)

Lord Theodore Mills (d. 1996)

Ayeisha (KAM, Baltimore-DC area) (d. 1998)

Doreen Valiente (Ameth) (1/4/1922 - 9/1/1999)

Cecil Hugh Williamson (9/18/1909 - 12/9/1999)

Stewart Farrar (Alexandrian Wicca, Ireland) (6/28/1916 - 2/7/2000)

Leo Louis Martello (Sicilian Strega, NYC) (9/26/1030 - 6/29/2000)

Victor Henry Anderson (Feri) (5/21/1917 - 9/20/2001)

Eleanor Ray Bone (Artemis) (1910 - 9/21/2001)

Pauline Campanelli (1/251943 - 11/29/2001)

Jessie Wicker Bell "Lady Sheba" (7/18/1920 - 3/20/2002)

Charles Clark (4/26/1930 - 8/17/2002)

Nelson White (The White Light) (10/29/1938 - 8/23/2003)

Donald D. Harrison (Church of Eternal Source) (5/31/1931 - 1/7/2004)

Alison Harlow (8/29/1934 - 6/13/2004)

Joseph "Bearwalker" Wilson (brought 1734 Tradition to U.S.)

(12/11/1942 - 8/4/2004)

Lady Circe (Alliance of the Old Religion [AOTOR]) (9/8/1921 - 5/29/2004)

Albert N. Webb (aka Ur) (West Coast Eclectic Elder) (1/8/1947 - 1/7/2005)

Elizabeth Pepper Ca Costa (The Witch's Almanac) (12/7/1923 - 7/14/2005)

Lady Galadriel (Jodi Monogue) (Grove of the Unicorn, Atlanta, GA)

Shekhinah Mountainwater(10/24/1939-8/11/2007)

Frederick MacLaren Adams (Feraferia) (1928-8/9/2008)

Cora Anderson (wife of Victor) (Feri) (1915-2008)

Lady Phoenix (Mimi Rohwer) (HPS & National Director First Celtic Wiccan Church, Inc.)

She was MURDERED (Strangled) Jan 21, 2008 by a person  she was trying to help. (1932-1/22/2008)

Lady Phoenix (Mimi Rohwer was born June 21, 1932)

Marion Weinstein  (
Positive Magic and Earth Magic) (5/19/1939-7/1/2009)

Hans Holzer (1/26/1920-4/26/2009)

Ted Andrews (7/16/1952-10/24/2009)

Norman Nelson (Reformed Druids of North America) (d. 4/2009)

Svetlana Butyrin (wife of Fred Adams) (Feraferia) (11/2/1934-5/6/2010)

Roy 'Cuchulainn' Moorman (11/18/1957-3/1/2010)

Harold Moss (Church of Eternal Source) (1/30/1944-7/15/2010)

Robin Goodfellow (d. 5/7/2010)

Alexei Kondratiev (1949-5/28/2010)

Phillip Emmons Isaac Bonewits (ADF) (10/1/1949-8/12/2010)

Lady Sintana (Candace Lehrman White) (House of Ravenwood, Atlanta, GA) (1937-9/17/2010)

Len Rosenberg (Black Lotus) (1951-10/15/2010

(Missing),  Dates (at least years) of birth and/or death needed:

Ciarriadhe (Kerry Harvey) of Daughters of the Triple Goddess

Bill & Helen Mohs of the Mohsians

Dr. Cornelius Lyle

Others who have significantly influenced our modern Pagan world, and have now left us:

Charles Godfrey Leland (8/15/1824-3/20/1903)

S.L. MacGregor-Mathers (1/8/1854-11/20/1918)

William Butler Yeats (6/13/1865-1/28/1939)

Sir James George Frazer (1/1/1854-5/7/1941)

Ernest Thompson Seton (8/14/1860-10/23/1946)

Montague Summers (4/10/1880-8/10/1948)

Eric Neumann (1/23/1905-11/5/1960)

Aldous Huxley (7/26/1894-11/22/1963)

Abraham Maslow (4/1/1908-6/8/1970)

J.R.R. Tolkien (1/3/1892-9/2/1973)

Buckminster Fuller (7/12/1895-7/1/1983)

Francis Israel Regardie (11/17/1907-3/10/1985)

Theodore Sturgeon (2/26/1918-5/8/1985)

Robert Graves (7/24/1895-12/7/1985)

Joseph John Campbell (3/26/1904-10/30/1987)

Robert Anson Heinlein (7/7/1907-5/8/1988)

Manly Palmer Hall (3/18/1901-8/29/1990)

Gene Roddenberry (8/19/1921-10/24/1991)

Robert Shea (2/14/1933-3/10/1994)

Margaret St Clair (2/17/1911-11/22/1995)

Idries Shah (6/16/1924-11/23/1996)

Timothy Leary (10/22/1920-5/31/1996)

Carlos Castañeda (12/25/1925-4/27/1998)

Marion Zimmer Bradley (6/3/1930-9/25/1999)

Terrence McKenna (11/16/1946-4/3/2000)

Robert Anton Wilson (1/18/1932-1/11/2007)

Albert Hoffman (1/11/1906-4/29/2008)

Jean Dubuis 1919 - 2010 (Noted French alchemist, esotericist, and nuclear physicist. Founder of "Les Philosopes de le Nature" LPN).

Merlin Stone 1931 - 2011 (Sculpter, Art Historian and Author of  "When God was a Woman" and "Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood" )






Many thanks to 'Green Egg Magazine' for permission to reprint!

We will be adding to this as required, if you feel there is a name missing, please contact both "Green Egg" and "TheMagickal Universe" with the details, so we can honour those who have passed! Thankyou.