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Solitary Reclaiming Rite

Note: During this rite, you are instructed to burn a piece of ribbon - Be sure to do this safely - using a controlled flame and a fire-safe bowl or ashtray. Consider this carefully when choosing your clothing for the ritual - Long, flowing sleeves or billowing skirts may pose a safety risk! If your hair is long, consider braiding it or tying it in a bun for this ritual

Perform this ritual in a place that makes you feel safe. Ensure your privacy. This experience may be an emotional one and you deserve to take the time you need without any interruptions.

You may choose to play soft music to make you feel more comfortable.

Before beginning, practice relaxation techniques, including deep breathing and positive visualization.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable anxiety, fear or deep sadness, stop the ritual. Place your hand in the bowl of salt or earth and envision those negative feelings dispersing into the bowl.


  • A bowl of salt or earth
  • A large piece of cloth or a cloth bag - Choose a coloor or print that represents you and your personality, take some time making your choice...
  • One or two rose petals
  • Pinch each of catnip, lavender, motherwort, caraway and coriander
  • A few fresh mint leaves or a pinch of dried mint
  • A length of white ribbon, wide enough to write on
  • A fine-point black marker
  • A bowl of hot water
  • A towel
  • A fire-safe bowl
  • Matches or a lighter


  1. If you desire you may call upoin the Goddess to aid you and support you through this ritual
  2. Cleanse each item by resting it in a bowl of salt or earth. Hold your hands above the item and visualize a white light filling it, pushing all negativity into the salt to be dispersed. When you feel that the item has been completely cleansed of all energies that may interfere with the rite's effectiveness, remove it from the bowl.
  3. Lay out the cloth, saying:...."This is my body"
  4. On it, place the catnip, rose, lavender and motherwort, in that order, saying:  ...."I am beautiful. I am loved. I am happy. I am a sacred woman"....
  5. Mix and close, saying:...."I am all of these and more".....
  6. Write the word "rape" (or domestic violence or whatever form of abuse you have suffered) down the length of the ribbon, as many times as will fit.
  7. Bind the poppet sachet with the ribbon, tightly. Say aloud how the event made or makes you feel. For example: ..."I feel worthless. I feel like I didn't deserve good things. I feel like I can't trust anyone".......
  8. Lay the poppet down and take time to ground. Place your hand in the bowl of salt or earth.
  9. Take three deep breaths to calm yourself.
  10. Steep the coriander in water to make a healing tea.
  11. Wash your hands in the tea and drink some, if desiredReturn to the poppet. Slowly unwind the ribbon, replacing your feelings with facts. Speak them out loud. For example:...."I have value. I deserve good things. I can trust others".....
  12. Burn the ribbon. Talk to the rape experience (not the rapist) as it burns. Be assertive, but not hostile. For example:..."You were wrong about me. You have no power over me. I don't believe your lies"......
  13. Open the poppet sachet. Add the caraway,  saying...."I am not broken or damaged. I am not tainted. My body and mind are mine to share as I see fit".......
  14. Add the mint leaf. Say: ...."I am safe. I am protected and watched over"......
  15. Close and seal the poppet. Ground again.
  16. Bury the poppet, Sprinkle the ashes of the ribbon into the wind or under running water.
  17. Thank the Goddess if you called on her for assistance.