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Pagan Statement of Belief

1. We believe in a universal Divine force that manifests as the god and the goddess, the Lord and the Lady, and as the many gods and goddesses known to man throughout history. We believe that all gods and goddesses that humanity worship are all faces of this Divine force. We believe in honouring the totality of Divine Reality, which transcends gender, without suppressing either the female or male aspect of Deity.

2. We believe in the right of every person to worship and honour the god(s) and/or goddess(es) that provide them with a connection to this Divine force. It doesn't matter which god or goddess, or gods and goddesses, that any one person chooses to worship as all will provide a connection to the Divine force.

3. We believe that all things, all of nature and the universe, all physical matter and all life, all animals including man, all plants, are creations and part of the Divine, and are therefore worthy of respect.

4. We believe that we have much to learn from the beliefs, faiths, and accomplishments of our ancestors. Whilst we respect their wisdom we also recognise that all human systems and interpretations can contain error.. Therefore we must continually expand upon our ancestors knowledge, and correct errors if and when we find them.

5. We believe in the law of return, also known as karma, and that each person is responsible for their own actions throughout life. We believe that all actions, good and bad, shall be repaid to the same polarity multiplied, and that whatever path we may take, we should attempt to not cause harm to others.

6. We acknowledge that the actual beliefs of every Pagan is a personal choice and other than the basic codes that govern the conduct of every Pagan, no one group can dictate what any Pagan may or may not follow.


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Divine Reality, God and Goddess can mean many different things, and nobody has the right to impose his or her interpretation of these terms on anyone else. Our view is that each and every person is free to interpret these terms in whatever way they deem appropriate, based on their own personal beliefs. Some may interpret Divine Reality, God and Goddess literally, whilst others may feel that Divine Reality refers to nature in general and all of creation. Each of these views is valid, as it is what is important and meaningful to the individual that provides the connection to the Divine

Many people may be familiar with the structure of the mainstream religious organisations, e.g. Catholic Church, Anglican Church, etc. These denominations consist of a overall governing body and a strict set of doctrine and beliefs that all congregations must follow and teach. This is what many people think of when you mention a church, and it is what most Pagans try to avoid!

Pagans on the other hand have no single set doctrine or written beliefs that all followers must follow, other than the very basic beliefs that every Pagan accepts as being what defines Pagan beliefs, so each congregation, and indeed each individual, is free to determine their own doctrine

The above Statement of Beliefs are not intended to be regarded by Pagan organisations in the same way as the Catholic or Anglican (etc) doctrine is followed by their congregations. They are not the only beliefs that member congregations can follow, but are rather the general beliefs that many Pagans feel apply to the Pagan religions in general. Obviously some individuals may not agree with this, and most Pagans recognise this fact and accepts that alternate views are just as valid and applicable.


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