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Species of The Otherworlds.

In this section we examine the various 'species' (creatures and beings) which inhabit the 'Otherworlds' (amongst others Otherworlds can refer to; inter-dimensional planes, alternative realities, multiple times lines, heaven and hell...)

Now as the 'species' can vary from place to place, tradition to tradition or from ancient to modern times, in order to examine them, one needs to categorise them.

As there is no confirmed evidence for or against any of the following and much of it is in dispute, for ease of reference we have chosen to label them in the following manner.

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"Mythobiology" - The beings of Mythology and/or Legends"  Associated with taking on a human-like form.

  • Gods,
  • Goddesses,
  • Demigods,
  • Devas,
  • Angels,
  • Daemons,
  • Vampyres
  • Zombies


"Mythozoology" - The beings and creatures of Mythology and/or Legends. Animal or beast-like forms. 

  • Pegasus,
  • Unicorn,
  • Griffin,
  • Phoenix,


"Cryptozoology" - The beings and creatures of Mythology and/or Legends, all of which have 'recorded sightings' in recent history.

  • Big foot/Yeti,
  • Loch Ness monster,

"Urban Legends"

"Urban Legends" - New Mythology and/or Legends, all of which have arisen in the "cultural subconscious, in recent history. May relate to either beings, creatures and/or having a modern cultural context.

  • Y2K,
  • Aliens,


"Neomythology" - Cryptozoology can cross borders with Urban Legends, in Neomythology, where a set of 'recorded sightings' coincides with a set of beliefs or mythology in a modern cultural context.

  • Moth Man,
  • UFO's,